These 10 Wealthy People with the Most Miserly and Cheap Habits Will Surprise You

Money isn’t everything and though we may think that these millionaires might have lead lavish lives, they instead were extremely frugal in their thoughts. Most of these 10 wealthy people with cheap habits will surprise you.

1 John F. Kennedy – American President

Kennedy was the son of a wealthy businessman and his trust fund was worth millions. However Kennedy wasn’t a spendthrift at all and was notorious for being cheap to the extent of conveniently forgetting his wallet at home. It was always his date or his friends picking up the tab for him. He would cut down on the groceries and argue with Jackie on the expensive wardrobe.

John F. Kennedy - American President

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2 Cary Grant – Movie Star

Even though Cary Grant married the Heiress Barbara Hutton, he was always very cheap. He would charge house guests for water in case he did their laundry, cut his buttons of old shirts and even marked milk bottles to stop servants drinking from them. He even charged fans 25 cents for an autograph.

Cary Grant - Movie Star

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3 David Cheriton – College Professor

It was Cheriton who helped the founders of Google get the company on its feet. It earned him big bucks and the nickname Professor Billionaire. But The Stanford Professor is miserly in many ways. Although owning a car, he rides a bike to work and saves half his restaurant meals to eat the following day. He even reuses tea bags.

 David Cheriton - College Professor

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4 Ingvar Kamprad – Founder of IKEA

IKEA is an affordable furniture Chan from Sweden. Its founder Ingvar Kamprad was well known for his haggling habits at the grocery store check outline. He would also take away salt packets from restaurants and wait till Christmas was over to purchase discounted gift wrapping paper. It was rumored that his business was a front to disguise how much money he had.

Ingvar Kamprad - Founder of IKEA

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