10 Unique and amazing ideas for creating the landscape garden

Who would not like to have a beautiful garden or a home with several beautiful plants adorning their backyard? There is probably no one, who does not like plants and flowers. However, everyone does not have enough space for gardening. So, if you love gardening but don’t have enough space to make a garden, then look at the following gardening ideas which will show you that it is possible to make a beautiful landscape garden in any amount of space available. There are ways you can make gardening maintenance easier for you such as laying artificial grass. Whilst some may regard this as a cheat, that is not true at all. The time-saving nature of artificial grass might allow you to focus on the areas of gardening you are most passionate about and turning your entire garden into a thing of beauty. There are times though when it’s just easier to get help when it comes to gardening, there are certain things that sometimes you just can’t do by yourself. For example, you might need to hire a tree service company like tree service bluffton sc to help you with the maintenance of the trees in your garden, but it’s up to you.


1 Wine Corks Garden

The Wine Corks garden is one of the best options if you do not have enough space for making a garden. You can decorate such a garden at the walls of your home, on the outside, and even inside the home. This type of garden is very simple to create. To make an amazing wine corks garden you will need corks, organic cactus mix soil, rooting powder, wooden skewer, tweezers (optional), exacto knife or drill, some succulent plants and of course water, without which no garden can ever take birth.

How to create


Create a hole in the cork using a knife or a drill. Fill it with organic soil. Before planting cactus in the cork, dip the tip of the cactus plant in water. Now remove some soil using a skewer and insert the cactus stem into the cork. Fill the remaining portion of the cork with soil and spray water until the soil gets fully moist. Your garden is now ready. Make any kind of arrangements anywhere you want and make your home a beautiful place to live.

Wine Corks Garden

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2 Birdhouse

Birdhouse garden is one of the best options if you want to create the feeling of spring season in your home. This small and simple addition can completely change the ambience and environment of your home. You can decorate a birdhouse garden inside your home or even on the outside, just as you like.

How to create


For creating this garden, all you need are some birdhouses, soil, and plants. Buy the birdhouse of your choice or make it using timbers and grass. Fill the open space with organic soil and harvest the flowers and plants of your choice in it. You can place the arrangements at a location exposed directly to the sun. This sweet little house inside your house will be treat to watch for everyone, your family and your guests.


Image Source: www.seloger.com


3 Thimble Garden

Thimble garden can also be your option for making a garden in a little space. This garden not only looks amazing but is also very easy to create. This type of garden enables you to create a beautiful garden without occupying much space. Watch the video to know how you can make Thimble garden by following a few simple steps.

4 Cho-Mini Bonsai

Cho-Mini Bonsai garden is in trend these days. Bonsai trees are especially used to create such gardens. These plants are usually less than 3 cms in height and small enough to hold on one’s fingertip. The mini Bonsai plant is perfect for making a garden at any location.

Cho-Mini Bonsai

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5 Syrup and Salt Shaker Terrariums

You can also make a garden using old syrup and salt shaker containers. Take some containers and cover the bottom of the container with an inch-thick layer of rocks. Add a layer of active charcoal to avoid the chances of breeding of bacteria and mold. Now, add a layer of organic soil and plant a cactus or any other plant/grass in it.

Syrup and Salt Shaker Terrariums

Image Source: www.somuchviral.com

6 Teacup Garden

Making teacup garden is a great way to reuse the cracked china cups. This simple addition requires very little space and can completely change the look of your house. In order to create this garden, you will need cactus potting soil, gravels, cups, and 2-in succulent plants. This garden requires a similar setup like that of the Terrariums.

 Teacup Garden

Image Source: www.awesomeideaz.com

7 Eggshells

You can use Eggshells as seed-starter pots. Eggshells are biodegradable and they quickly biodegrade when introduced into the soil. For creating a seed starter pot, make a small hole through a raw egg and remove all the contents from inside. Clean the inside of the eggshell and create a small drainage hole at the bottom. Now, fill the eggshells with moist potting soil and add seeds into the soil. Once your seedlings grow to a point where eggshells can’t handle them, you should gently transplant the plants into a bigger pot with the shells.


Image Source: www.tumblr.com


8 Pocket Watch Gardens

You can even create a garden using a pocket watch. The unique and amazing idea is loved by people who have a knack for timeless things. This type of garden enables people to make a garden inside the home and it occupies very little space, actually no space, just some square centimeters on any wall. And the classic appeal of this garden makes it so charming that you want to stop the time while looking at them.

Pocket Watch Gardens

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9 Fairy Garden

The fairy garden is one of the best options to create a wonderful landscape garden inside or outside your home. People love this garden as it enables them to add their own creativity without ruining the look and appearance of the garden. You can also use this garden for home decoration purposes. A corner beautified by this type of garden will actually become your favorite place in the house. And the kids will have a ball of a time being around it. My friend was telling me about how they made an eco-friendly plastic decking that aided to her in finishing her design. Her children loved it and the environment thanks her for it.

Fairy Garden

Image Source: www.homedit.com

10 Wine Glass Garden

What is more appealing than decorating your dining space with a wine glass garden? The wine glass garden not only looks attractive but is also very simple to create. For this, you will need some wine glasses, organic cactus soil, and cactus plants. Take the wine glasses and add a layer of organic cactus soil at the bottom of the glass. Make a hole in the soil and plant the cactus stem in it. After this, moist the soil with water and make arrangements as per your wish and desire.

Garden windows are also a great way to make your home look amazing if you have old glass windows you can use shed windows to make them look new.

Wine Glass Garden

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We are sure you must have liked these amazing ideas for creating beautiful landscape gardens in any amount of space available. So, just take a few pointers from here and create your own landscape garden, which will surely be loved by everyone around you.


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