10 Selfies that do not deserve to grace the internet


It is admissible that selfies are a thing. They are such a big a thing that the Oxford and the Merriam Webster dictionaries have not only included it in their annual edition books, but also named it “The word of 2014.”

But despite being used to capture some beautiful moment with oneself, people have started abusing it in order to get more and more likes, followers and retweets on the social media. Also there is an appropriate time and situation for them. But the following 10 instances are not the ideal places where a selfie was necessary.

1 This insensitive idiot

It is mega insensitive to take selfie when someone else’s house is burning to the ground, with fire-fighters doing their best to control the fire and you flip your phone out and make an idiot looking face and take a selfie at the same location. It is just not the appropriate place to take your image man, could you have not helped these people instead.

This insensitive idiot

Image Source: www.epimg.net

2 Selfie at a funeral

This dude has no decorum or the respect for the dead person, at whose funeral this guy is taking a duck-face selfie in the hallway. Doing so isn’t cool, unlike this guy’s thinking.

Selfie at a funeral

Image Source: www.lollipop.sg

3 Timing is everything

Well, it is more of a hilarious example of ‘timing in a selfie.’ The dog saw an opportune moment to make itself immortal in that particular selfie. As they say timing is god.

Timing is everything

Image Source: www.altfast.ru

4 This mom

You have a beau and you want to send him a sexy picture. You can definitely do that, but please use the privacy of the room and also it would be a good idea to check the room for other occupants. Because this woman totally failed at seeing that her son was also a part of that sexy selfie that she just sent to her loved one.

 This mom

Image Source: www.vasi.net


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