10 Scientific Proofs of the Dangers of Smartphone Radiation and How It Is Killing You Slowly

Technology has evolved to a point where we are dependent on it in each and every aspect of our lives. However as good as this may seem, it has its disadvantages too where people are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the very same gadgets that are supposed to make our lives easier. EMR are produced by power supplies, electrical appliances and a host of technology influencing our daily life. One of them is the Smartphone which is always being held close to your ear and that is a dangerous threat to your life even though you may not know it.


Radiation from Smartphones is slowly becoming a subject of concern among the experts. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Radio frequencies or RF emissions from samrtphones are 1000 times more than what is being emitted from base stations. It is these very same radioactive frequencies that are being linked to insomnia, brain conditions, stress, tumors, infertility and other diseases here are 10 dangers of Smartphone radiation affecting our lives.


1 The risk of male infertility

Although it hasn’t been proved WebMD says that males keeping their smartphones in their pockets for long hours run the risk of decreased sperm count. This is because the testicles are being exposed to high levels of radiation.


The risk of male infertility

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2 The risk of brain and heart Tumors

As per a study by the NTP or National Toxicology program rats exposed to radio frequencies for 9 hours a day for the total lifespan being 2 years. The rats developed malignant gliomas a type of brain cancer. 5-7% also developed tumors in their nerve cells. The risk of brain tumors increased with 3 G phone technology.

The risk of brain and heart Tumors

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3 Risk of Spinal Misalignment

Constant tilting to check your phone can cause a gradual degeneration of your spine and spinal misalignment including neck and low back pain. Although this won’t happen fast it will happen slowly over a period of time.

Risk of Spinal Misalignment

Image Source: www.vitallifechiropractic.com

4 Insomnia

It has been scientifically proved how children are repeatedly being affected by insomnia due to exposure to blue light from phones. The radiation affects and upsets sleeping patterns including the decrease in levels of melatonin the body’s natural hormone that induces the onset of sleep.

smartphones cause Insomnia

Image Source: www.mindfullivingcentre.ca

5 Hearing impairment

Walking along a street one can notice almost every second young person with headphones glued to their ears. Mobile radiation is increasing the risk of deafness in adults as well. Exposure for long hours to EM radiation impairs the ears ability to function normally. This was proved by research by Dasdag S and Oktay MF which stated that individuals who speak on the phone for longer than two hours a day are at increased risk of hearing impairment.


Smartphone causes Hearing impairment

Image Source: www.hearinglikeme.com

6 Eye strain

Eye strain is one of the dangers of Smartphone radiation. There were a time people read books. Todays its e books and reading on smartphones.This is dangerous to the eyes. Smartphone’s especially are smaller than laptops and tablets hence one tends to squint or strain the eyes to read textual matter on screen. This increases eye screen and the risk of macular degeneration. It can also cause redness and constant eye irritation.


Use of mobile phone causes Eye strain

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7 Risk of infection

Nowadays people are prone to taking their cell phones with them to the toilet when they go about their business. The same dirty hands are being used to touch your cell phone and while you may be sanitizing or washing your hands, can you do the same for your cell phone? Research has proved that there are 25,000 germs on every square inch of Smartphone which includes germs like E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus responsible for skin infections.


smartphone causes infection

Image Source: www.wsj.net

8 Stress

If you refer to the Wikipedia you’ll find that data says almost 70% check their mobile phones upon waking in the morning. 56% check them before sleeping and 51% are checking their phones constantly during the day. This leads to irritation and frustration or anxiety because of any failure or inability to interact with their Smartphone. The result is stress and tension disorders.


Talking on the phone

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9 Skin Allergies

Phones are manufactured with highly polished metallic layers which have been tested to contain several known skin allergens like cobalt chromium and nickel. All these are harmful for skin and are liable to cause skin allergies. Studies conducted by Marcella Aquino found that cobalt and nickel was present in 70% of all cell phones brands.


skin Allergies

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

10 Damage to cell and DNA

Human DNA structure is extremely vulnerable to EMF. A study By REFLEX went viral when it published findings that the dangers of Smartphone radiation such as electromagnetic Radiations possessed the ability to break DNA strands which resulted in irreversible cell damage.


Damage to cell and DNA

Image Source: www.bebrainfit.com

How to protect yourself


EMF radiation is certainly the highest when it concerns cell phones. But Smartphone’s are a necessary hindrance and can be used in ways to minimize the damage done to our bodies. Limit the use of cell phones interact verbally with people rather than texting and calling and consider using protective EMF Clothing to protect you and your family from harmful EMFs and radiation.


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