10 Scientific Proofs of the Dangers of Smartphone Radiation and How It Is Killing You Slowly


Technology has evolved to a point where we are dependent on it in each and every aspect of our lives. However as good as this may seem, it has its disadvantages too where people are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the very same gadgets that are supposed to make our lives easier. EMR are produced by power supplies, electrical appliances and a host of technology influencing our daily life. One of them is the Smartphone which is always being held close to your ear and that is a dangerous threat to your life even though you may not know it.

Radiation from Smartphones is slowly becoming a subject of concern among the experts. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Radio frequencies or RF emissions from samrtphones are 1000 times more than what is being emitted from base stations. It is these very same radioactive frequencies that are being linked to insomnia, brain conditions, stress, tumors, infertility and other diseases here are 10 dangers of Smartphone radiation affecting our lives.


1 The risk of male infertility

Although it hasn’t been proved WebMD says that males keeping their smartphones in their pockets for long hours run the risk of decreased sperm count. This is because the testicles are being exposed to high levels of radiation.

The risk of male infertility

Image Source: www.devicebar.com


2 The risk of brain and heart Tumors

As per a study by the NTP or National Toxicology program rats exposed to radio frequencies for 9 hours a day for the total lifespan being 2 years. The rats developed malignant gliomas a type of brain cancer. 5-7% also developed tumors in their nerve cells. The risk of brain tumors increased with 3 G phone technology.

The risk of brain and heart Tumors

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