10 Sure-shot remedies to get rid of Ants from your house

Ants can be a pesky irritating nuisance, especially, when in springtime you find not just your kitchen walls lined with these little pests, the moment you leave food out for too long, it is swarming with ants. Spring time is when ants come out of their hibernation to collect food and their biggest target is invariably your house, which for them is a treasure trove of food. Spring is no doubt a colorful season and ants think the same way too. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to find any ants crawling across your food when you come to eat it do you? And before you know it, they could be making an ants nest in your house and this could potentially attract other pests too. To gain control of this situation, it may be in your best interest to contact someone similar to this Calgary Pest Control company to get rid of your pest problem before it has a chance to get worse. There are so many other things that you can do in the seasons where ants make themselves known. Here are the most cost effective ways to get rid of ants.


1 Prevent an Ant Invasion

The basic rule is to keep your home clean. Never leave cooked food, meat and sugar lying around in the open. Ger rid of your garbage and trash, daily. If you need to keep food in the open, always cover them with food covers. Dirty plates in the sink are prime targets for ants; wash your plates immediately after use. Ensure that you sweep and mop your home regularly as even dead insects attract ants. Mopping your home with a floor cleaner that contains insect repellent is also a good idea.

Prevent an Ant Invasion

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2 Calcium carbonate in chalk

Ants simply detest the calcium carbonate in chalk. You could draw a series of lines or circle all possible entry points to prevent ants from entering. Alternately you could grind the chalk to a dust and sprinkle these on places prone to invading ants.

Use Calcium carbonate in chalk to get rid of ants

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3 Double Side Adhesive or Sticky Fly Traps

This is one intelligent way to stop marauding ants. If you notice ants habituated to making their way into your kitchen through the sides of windows, simple attach sticky tape in their path. You could use the fly trapper in the same way as that too will have adhesive on either side. You could also surround your garbage bin or food with sticky tape to prevent them getting through.

Adhesive or Sticky Fly Traps

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4 How to Target and Eliminate Ant Dens

Ants will always have an originating source outside your home. If you live in a self-styled home, then scour your lawns directly outside the house for ant mounds. Should you live in a flat, ant mounds would most probably be visible in patches of earth or large cracks in basements which are cool and moist. Ants love cool moist places in summer.

How to Eliminate Ant Dens

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5 Borax and Water Solution

You can use old plastic containers and puncture some holes around the brim of the container, along the sides and the cover. Using a ratio of 3:1, make a solution of borax powder and sugar and fill them in the containers. Mix with water till you achieve a thick consistency and leave overnight in areas prone to ants. Most of the ants will be killed and if any do survive, they will crawl back to the den, taking the solution with them. That will get rid of ants and finish the job. To make it more effective, mix some peanut butter in the solution.

Borax and Water Solution

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6 Pour Boiling Water through Flowerpots

Flower pots are a handy way to eliminate ants. Just place an upturned flowerpot over the ant den and pour boiling water through the hole on the bottom of the pot. This effectively kills several ants, reducing their population. You could also mix the water with some floor cleaner or dish washing solution, which will make the solution even more potent.

Pour Boiling Water through Flowerpots

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7 Home Remedy Sprays-Vinegar

Ants detest the pungency of vinegar. Make a solution of vinegar and water and fill a spray bottle with it. Spray all the surfaces prone to attacking ants as well as the pathways used by them. You could also spray around your garbage bin at night and around your sink if unwashed plates are left there overnight. This can be done three to four times a day or as much as you wish depending on the extent of the problem.

Home Remedy Sprays-Vinegar

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8 Citric Acid from Fruit

Ants usually never attack citric fruits such as lemons and oranges. You could mix the pulp of such fruits with water and utilize it as a spray to deter ants from entering your home. Lemon and orange peels could also be used to a similar effect. Just place them in the pathways habituated by ants.

Citric Acid from Fruit

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9 Tee Tree Oil

Pests dislike the scent of tea tree oil. Just mixing a few drops of the oil with water makes an effective spray against ants. In a similar way you could also use several other ingredients to ward off ants such as black pepper, cinnamon and salt. Such methods will provide you a cost effective deterrent to get rid of ants.

Tee Tree Oil

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10 Use Soap to get rid of ants

When using soap, most people tend to throw away bars of soap that have become a bit too small to hold. Instead of doing this, just dry they and then place pieces of soap in pathways and areas infested with ants. You could even place pieces of soap near your garbage bins or stick them beneath tables and bed corners to get rid of ants. Did you know that pieces of soap can get rid of bed bugs and tiny cockroaches too?

Use Soap to get rid of ants

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