10 reasons the moon landing can be fake

The moon landing in 1969 was the biggest accomplishment of mankind. Who could have thought that man will step on the moon, a satellite that people have gazed for centuries. The US won the space war with the USSR, when finally Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon and uttered the famous line ’one small step on moon, one giant leap for mankind’.


But there are many theorists that the landings were faked and were filmed in a Hollywood studio by acclaimed film director Stanley Kubrick of 2001: A Space Odyssey fame. Here are 10 compelling reasons why they might have some kind of case.

10 The flag

The flag in the moon landing video is seen waving, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin plant it on the moon. The flag also shows some rippling because of wind. The thing is that moon doesn’t have any atmosphere.


NASA has explained the phenomenon as the effect of storing it in a tube and then unfurling it.

The flag

Image Source: www.parade.com


9 No Impact Crater

Another thing pointed out is there is no impact crater on the surface of the moon, where the lunar module landed. The surface of the moon has no signs of any displacement of moon dust around the module.

NASA said that the module didn’t need that much of thrust while landing to create a crater.

No Impact Crater

Image Source: www.wp.com

8 More than one light source

More than one light source

Image Source: www.mysticfiles.com


The video and photographs show that the shadows of the astronauts and the equipment fall in different directions. This is not supposed to happen as the only source of light on the moon is the sun and the shadows that are formed due to sunlight should run parallel to the one another.

NASA attempted to reason that the surface of the moon is uneven and hence the shadows appear to come out in different directions.

More than one light source

Image Source: www.mysticfiles.com

7 The Van Allen Radiation belt

The astronauts had to cross what is called the Van Allen Radiation belt en route to the moon. This belt is held together by the earth’s magnetic field. This should have been fatal to the astronauts passing through this belt, despite tea aluminium coating in the space shuttle.


NASA countered the claim by saying the amount of time the astronauts took to pass through the belt was minimal and hence the radiation experienced by them was less.

The Van Allen Radiation belt

Image Source: www.cdn.com


6 The unexplainable object

The fake moon landing supporters pointed out another anomaly, a floating object’s reflection in astronaut’s helmet in a photograph from Apollo 12 mission. The mystery remains as to why there was a floating object in the moon’s atmosphere as there is no air on moon.

The unexplainable object

Image Source: www.coolinterestingstuff.com

5 Hidden cables and slow walking

Some theorists point out that the effects of low gravity walking was mimicked by NASA. They said that if the footage is increased by x2.5 times, the astronauts seemed to be walking in Earth’s gravity. As for the jumps taken by astronauts, they suggest hidden wires and cables must have been used and then hidden in the photos and video footage.

Hidden cables and slow walking

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

4 Lack of stars in the photo

One most damning argument is the lack of stars in the moon landing photos. Since there are no clouds on moon, the stars should be more visible and brighter than they appear from Earth.

NASA gave the reason that the photos are of low quality and the effects washed out the stars.

Lack of stars in the photo

Image Source: www.armaghplanet.com

3 The ‘C’ rock

One seemingly concrete proof of evidence is the ‘C’ rock photo. A seemingly innocent rock has the letter C engraved into it. Theorists use this as the evidence of a prop being marked for placement and then mistakenly photographed from a wrong angle.

NASA said that it is nothing but a stray hair on the lens of the camera or something that got added in the process of development.

The ‘C’ rock

Image Source: www.vimeocdn.com

2 Layered cross hairs

The cameras used by the astronauts had cross hairs in order to aid in scaling and direction. Though in some photos, they appear to be behind some objects. Theorists say that NASA doctored genuine moon photos and digitally added the man-made objects.

Layered cross hairs

Image Source: www.cdn.com


1 Backdrop is duplicated

This is the most compelling evidence of shown by the theorists of fake moon landing. It shows 2 different photos taken by the Apollo 12 mission, despite being different photos, they have similar back drops.

One shows a lunar module and another shows just an image of moon’s surface.

Backdrop is duplicated

Image Source: www.netdna-cdn.com


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