10 Reasons Why Squatting and Washing after is the Healthier way of Pooping

How often has it been a sign of amusement when hearing about the Indian way of pooping? There are many tourists from western countries who come to India and get taken aback with some hotel rooms featuring what is known as an Indian commode or even a western commode with supports for squat pooping. Even weirder is the fact that people wash themselves with jet streams or a mug of water rather than use toilet paper. Well, it so happens that the Indians have had it right for centuries and according to science, people in western countries have been pooping the wrong way. Washing too is being considered more hygienic. Here are ten solid reasons why squatting and washing is the correct way of pooping.


1 Squatting is the right way to poop

According to science, humans were meant to squat and poop which is a natural; form of pooping. Progress has given man the false notion of civilized pooping. Man instead has ditched an effective way of pooping that keeps the insides healthy and allows for proper elimination.


Improper way of pooping

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2 Sitting down and pooping strains the muscles in your gut

When you stand up or sit down, it creates a kink in your lower gut to stop pooping at random. Sitting down to poop means that the gut muscles have to strain to push excretement around the bend in the bowels making it difficult. This creates a feeling of constipation.

Sitting down and pooping strains the muscles in your gut

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3 Sitters spend a longer time pooping says science

As per a scientific study in Digestive Diseases and Sciences from 2003, sitters spend almost 79 seconds longer pooping than squatters, who poop efficiently because of being aligned correctly.


Correct way of pooping

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4 The risk of diverticulosis

1.2 billion People around the world squat while pooping and they do not have any incidence of diverticulosis whereas those in the west squeeze gut tissue until it is literally straining out of their bottoms. This excessive strain causes diverticulosis which pushes out weak areas of muscle to form little pouches in the colon.

The risk of diverticulosis

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5 The risk of piles and hemorrhoids

Those who squat and poop have a reduced risk of piles and hemorrhoids as it created less strain on the anus. Piles are a result of constricted blood vessels around the anus irritated by straining.


The risk of piles and hemorrhoids

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6 The modern sit down toilet is the worst ever built

Cornell professor Alexander Kiara remarked that the modern sit down toilet was the worst and “the most ill-suited fixture ever designed.”. Modern day toilets work against our bodies by contorting our bodies into unnatural angles when defecating. Squatting opens the anal sphincter and aligns the body’s plumbing to evacuate freely.


modern sit down toilet

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7 Use a stool if you have a modern toilet

If you are not adverse to perching atop your toilet and pooping, then that would be the best way to do it. Alternately you can use a stool to prop up your legs and get into a squatting position. If you really want to improve your way of pooping, have a squatting type of Indian commode at home.


Use a stool if you have a modern toilet

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8 Washing up after pooping is hygienic

Washing your butt after pooping like they do in India is way more hygienic than using toilet paper. This is because the entire area is cleaned without any residue of poop that may dry up and cause skin infection. Installing a bidet in your toilet and using water is a far more hygienic and healthier way of cleaning up after pooping.


Washing up after pooping is hygienic

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9 Using a bidet conserves paper

Currently the US spends $6 billion on toilet paper and uses 30 million rolls of toilet paper in one day. This is equal to 200,000 trees to make toilet paper. More than seven billion rolls of toilet paper are sold yearly in the US alone which also contributes to 90 million pounds of green house gases. Washing up after pooping definitely reduces your carbon footprint with a major contribution towards conservation of the planet.


Using a bidet conserves paper

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10 Toilet paper contains toxins harmful to health

Wiping is dirty and your hands often get in the way. When you don’t wash, contaminants always remain. Moreover wiping with tissue can create anal fissures and irritate hemorrhoids. White toilet paper contains bleach that also contains dangerous toxins that could accumulate in your body harmful for health.


It is beyond doubt that the Indian way of squatting and washing is the correct way of pooping and contributes a lot to your personal; hygiene. Think about starting it now.

Toilet paper contains toxins harmful to health

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