10 Psychic revelations so uncanny and true enough to give you Goosebumps


Psychics throughout centuries have fascinated people the world over. Be it Nostradamus or Baba Vanga, its uncanny how they have actually predicted events not just years before they happened but centuries instead. Among all the predictions and psychics in history and the news, there are some who have stood out for startling predictions that gave the world the creeps. Here are such psychics that give you goosebumps when reading about their shockingly accurate revelations.

10 Tana Hoy Predicts the Oklahoma City Bombing

Remember the tragic Oklahoma bombing? It takes a special type of psychic to foresee an epic tragedy. Psychic Tana Hoy foresaw the deadly attack and knew it had to be stopped. Hoy reported his vision to the FBI four months before the attack. It seemed he wasn’t taken seriously but 90 minutes before the event, Hoy appeared on a radio talk show and claimed the incident was about to happen. He ended up being correct.


Tana Hoy Predicts the Oklahoma City Bombing

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9 Edgar Cayce Predicts the Death of President Kennedy

How creepy is this? Edgar Cayce was one of the most popular psychics of all time trending in the 1900’s. Cayce’s intriguing method was to enter a trance like state and then start reciting his visions. He ended up predicting major events like both world wars, the death of President Roosevelt and the controversial assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Edgar Cayce Predicts the Death of President Kennedy

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