10 Possible Future Disasters That Could Wipe Out Humanity from the Face of the Planet

The world has always been under constant threat even from the early days of evolution. From asteroids and comets to dangers from within, there are several possibilities of horrible future events to wipe out humanity. Here are ten such scenarios which can become very real.


1 Gamma Ray Burst

The star Wolf-Rayet star WR 104 is just 8,000 light years from the Sun. It possesses the capacity to explode in a hyper nova that can produce gamma rays aimed at the Earth in the next 10,000 years. The gamma rays would produce intense UV radiation and possibly cause a global catastrophe by depleting the ozone layer and causing nitric acid rain. Scientifically speaking the Wolf Rayet star is expected to explode and hit the earth with Gamma rays in 500,000 years.


Gamma Ray Burst

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2 Collision with rogue planet

The moon was formed a 100 million years ago as the result of a collision with a rogue planet named Theia. A collision of this level would mean the end of humanity. The presence of material from Theia was found in the composition of moon rocks brought back by the Apollo missions. This means there is no ruling out a second collision of this sort.

Collision with rogue planet

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3 Alien invasion

The official line is that no Extraterrestrial life has been observed as yet. A NASA affiliated scientist Shawn Domogal Goldman has compiled the possible outcomes of alien contact. They would either be friendly or help us advance our knowledge or they could be hostile, attack earth or carry dangerous pathogens that could wipe out the human race.


Alien invasion

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4 Ocean Acidification

The Earths Ph balance is gradually reducing because of the presence of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. If the oceans turned acidic, there will be mass extinction as was the case 252 million years ago when most life went extinct on earth because of the Permian Triassic mass extinction. Ocean acidification contributed in a major way to the process. A nature climate study in 2012 shows that ocean acidification is now happening 10 times faster than 56 million years ago. The ocean’s PH levels have reduced by 0.1 units in the last 100 years.

Ocean Acidification

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5 The Red Giant

A billion years from now, if the sun becomes a red giant, the earth will be destroyed. A star the size of the sun lasts roughly about 8 billion years in the solar system. The sun is more than halfway through its life time. In a billion years it will be ghost enough to boil oceans making the earth inhabitable. It will expand and engulf the entire earth destroying it in the process.


 The Red Giant

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6 Collision with Asteroid

It was the Chicxulub asteroid that scientists believed caused dinosaurs to go extinct 66 million years ago. It spanned the crater which became an interesting subject of scientific study. Asteroids still hit the earth but they are of negligible size. Scientists do not rule out the possibilities of earth being hit by a larger asteroid 6.2 miles in size which would then wipe out all life from earth. The current threat is from the star Gliese 710 which will come near earth in 1.3 million years pushing asteroids into our solar system and create events to wipe out humanity.


Collision with Asteroid

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7 Antibiotic Apocalypse

This by far is the most real scenario where antibiotic resistant bacteria turn into superbugs causing large scale epidemics. Moreover, resistance to antibiotics would then give even potentially less harmful bacteria wider powers of destruction killing an individual from minor injuries like a paper cut. Even a toothache could kill. The biggest problem leading to such a scenario is the rampant use of antibiotics which will ultimately make the body non responsive to such medicines.


Antibiotic Apocalypse

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8 Mega Tsunami

73,000 years ago a mega tsunami caused a 1000 feet wave which swept the earth. 3,000 years ago, the Fogo volcano at Cape Verde triggered a tsunami a 100 feet in height. The volcano is now active again. Scientists have also found how a mega giant tsunami ravaged Britain thousands of years ago. Scientists fear that a mega tsunami could be again triggered by such an eruption. Professor Bill McGuire tsunami expert stated that such mega tsunami events usually occur every 10,000 years.


Mega Tsunami

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9 Nuclear holocaust

This is also a possible scenario in the wake of a nuclear arms race among the superpowers of the world. As of 2106, there are 15,000 nuclear weapons on earth,. Nuclear destruction is a grim scenario where the after effects of all out nuclear war could be disastrous. The nuclear winter ensuing after would cause Ultraviolet radiation that would destroy all crops and cause a nuclear winter which could possibly wipe out all life.


Nuclear holocaust

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10 Artificial Intelligence

Scientists like Stephen hawking believe that the planet is under threat from artificial intelligence. AI has been a hot topic of debate where men like Elon Musk also feel that humans need to be careful when making smarter robots. Stephen hawking has gone as far as to say that AI could even kill humans because they may end up being too clever. Elon Musk advised that Artificial Intelligence should be kept on same levels as humans and not allowed to progress further or it would become dangerous for us leading to events that wipe out humanity.


Artificial Intelligence

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