10 Paintings which create mind-blowing optical illusions

A magical touch to the realities of the world can give us a surreal feeling. This is exactly what Canadian painter, Robert Gonsalves, does with his paintings which are categorized as being part of ‘Magic Realism.’ His beautiful works create such optical illusions that you will be forced to look at each painting numerous times and each time with a new perspective. There are unclear boundaries in these paintings and you will simply be left marveling at these masterpieces.


He started to paint at an early age and by the time he was 12, he knew about perspective techniques and architectural designs, and started painting imaginary structures and paintings. He has made some 70 paintings to date and completes almost four of them in a year.

Enough said, let’s take you to a journey that will make your brain sweat:


1 A beautiful Moon

This painting depicts an amazing amalgamation of the vastness of outer space and the beautiful depths of a valley. Can you decide whether the girl, who is floating on the lake, is viewing the earth from the space or a valley? Well, even we can’t decide, but we can say that whatever it is, it’s pure magic.

A beautiful Moon

Image Source: www.nowyouknowfacts.com


2 A lake or a girl?

Continuing with the fascination of a lake drenched in the night light provided by the moon, this painting by the king of optical illusions yet again creates a beautiful and mind-blowing impression. A lake bordered by pine trees whose reflections are making figures of women on the clear waters of the lake walking towards the edge. Simply surreal!

A lake or a girl

Image Source: www.twimg.com


3 A puzzle or a living room?

The sweet innocence of children playing in a living room is enhanced by the presence of yet another scene of children playing in the puzzle. It’s like children playing inside the house on something which is portraying children playing outside the house. A puzzle for your minds, isn’t it?

A puzzle or a living room

Image Source: www.wp.com


4 A human bridge?

If you start to look at this painting’s left side, it looks like there is a train on a huge bridge; when you look at its right side you get to see groups of people performing amazing acrobatics. Can we perceive this painting as the representation of the hard work of various laborers and their team efforts in making such extraordinary structures? In my opinion, yes, and just how beautifully this painting portrays the importance of laborers and their immense contribution.

A human bridge

Image Source: www.viralnow.org


5 Air, Sea, or a beach?

This spectacular image has three sections mingling quite naturally with one another. People are seen enjoying on the beach, which is being transcended into a scene with a boat on the sea, which beautifully leads to a sky full of kites whose strings are in the hands of the people playing on the beach. What an amazing cycle portraying the land, sea, and sky. Simply marvelous!

Air, Sea, or a beach

Image Source: www.reading.com.ua


6 A city tree?

Two children are busy building up the city brick by brick, or so it seems. The background image of a city with skyscrapers has a great foreground of two children building up a city with their playing bricks. Well, children are the builders of the future, aren’t they?

A city tree?

Image Source: www.tololo.ru


7 View from the sky or from a bed?

One of the greatest adventures for children is to be able to fly and here they seem to be doing just that, or wait! Are they in their bedroom with sheets having such earthy patterns? Well, decide for yourself.

View from the sky or from a bed

Image Source: www.qqpcc.com

8 A waterfall of people?

The white stream of crystal clear water gushing down the slopes of this rocky mountain looks stunning. But, wait; can you see people wearing white robes? Right at the bottom of this waterfall, there are people carving out a fort-like structure through this mountain. These unclear boundaries create a marvelous image comprising two scenes which show the reality of the world. Nature is flowing freely, but humans are hell-bent on destroying the free form of Mother Nature into structures which they deem important and beautiful.

A waterfall of people

Image Source: www.poster74.ru

9 Trees or a street?

The foliage of the fall is collectively creating the beautiful trees with brown leaves. The scenic beauty of this single painting having two portions is simply out of this world. The various levels of this painting merge quite stunningly.

Trees or a street

Image Source: www.wp.com


10 A bridge of boats?

This painting has various elements in it; in not so many colors, but the beautiful transition from the sea leading through a fleet of the ship making a bridge which is outlined by clouds in the sky, is creating a mind-blowing image. Now you decide for yourself, whether you like the ships more or the waves of the sea, or the clouds hovering above the bridge.

The creator of these masterpieces is surely the best in his art, each of his paintings open our horizons to an all-together new level where we are left awe-struck at the beauty of the elements, and also at the illusions which these paintings create in our minds.

A bridge of boats

Image Source: www.buzzhand.net


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