10 Paintings which create mind-blowing optical illusions


A magical touch to the realities of the world can give us a surreal feeling. This is exactly what Canadian painter, Robert Gonsalves, does with his paintings which are categorized as being part of ‘Magic Realism.’ His beautiful works create such optical illusions that you will be forced to look at each painting numerous times and each time with a new perspective. There are unclear boundaries in these paintings and you will simply be left marveling at these masterpieces.

He started to paint at an early age and by the time he was 12, he knew about perspective techniques and architectural designs, and started painting imaginary structures and paintings. He has made some 70 paintings to date and completes almost four of them in a year.

Enough said, let’s take you to a journey that will make your brain sweat:


1 A beautiful Moon

This painting depicts an amazing amalgamation of the vastness of outer space and the beautiful depths of a valley. Can you decide whether the girl, who is floating on the lake, is viewing the earth from the space or a valley? Well, even we can’t decide, but we can say that whatever it is, it’s pure magic.

A beautiful Moon

Image Source: www.nowyouknowfacts.com

2 A lake or a girl?

Continuing with the fascination of a lake drenched in the night light provided by the moon, this painting by the king of optical illusions yet again creates a beautiful and mind-blowing impression. A lake bordered by pine trees whose reflections are making figures of women on the clear waters of the lake walking towards the edge. Simply surreal!

A lake or a girl

Image Source: www.twimg.com


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