10 Of the weirdest searches on Google

Google is one of the most versatile search engines on the planet. The main reason for achieving the number 1 status among search engines is Google’s perennial fascination with improving search queries.

Google’s sophistication has evolved to mimic a humane perspective of search terms. It is programmed to pre-empt search queries and list as many suggestionsrelevant to a topic as possible. It is this quality that makes Google provide you answers regardless of how strange or silly your questions may be. If you want to know the weirdest of searches on Google, then read on.

1 How do I search on Google?

You have got to be a big time dumbo to ask Google this one. But surprisingly, search studies on Google have revealed a considerable number of users actually posting this question on Google. Reading this, were you dumbfounded for a few seconds? You were,weren’t you?

How do I search on Google

Image Source: www.international-ppc.com


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