10 Of the weirdest searches on Google

Google is one of the most versatile search engines on the planet. The main reason for achieving the number 1 status among search engines is Google’s perennial fascination with improving search queries. It has many features on the site like Google Trends, which can be incredibly valuable when companies are adjusting advertising campaigns according to seasonal demand. This can be used with Automation scripts for Adwords to help optimize Google Adwords.


Google’s sophistication has evolved to mimic a humane perspective of search terms. It is programmed to pre-empt search queries and list as many suggestions relevant to a topic as possible. If you want to better understand how you could use the search engine to your companies benefit, consider SEO professional servicing companies in essex or somewhere similar. It is this quality that makes Google provide you answers regardless of how strange or silly your questions may be. If you want to know the weirdest of searches on Google, then read on.

1 How do I search on Google?

You have got to be a big time dumbo to ask Google this one. But surprisingly, search studies on Google have revealed a considerable number of users actually posting this question on Google. Reading this, were you dumbfounded for a few seconds? You were,weren’t you?

How do I search on Google

Image Source: www.international-ppc.com

2 Is the Earth Round

Should Google be programmed to give smartass answers?? It should! And the best answer would be,NO dude!!It’s as flat as your brains. D Uh!!!


On a more serious note, this is a keyword found on Google in September and the common assumption is related to education. Educators!!! Please take note.

Is the Earth Round

Image Source: www.international-ppc.com


3 Is There a Flight to Atlantis?

NO! Or rather yes, in your dreams. Poor Google, but yes this query, which is one of the weirdest searches on Google, did actually exist on the search engine. At least those asking such weird stuff had enough brains to realize you can’t drive down there.

Is There a Flight to Atlantis?

Image Source: www.international-ppc.com


4 Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

Maybe!! If you ask the makers of Jurassic World to share their technology of genetics, then you could keep one as a pet.

According to Google’s graph of searched Keywords, this query actually peaked from 2009 till 2015. Has Biology gone extinct??? This could well be a relevant question.

Are Dinosaurs Extinct?

Image Source: www.international-ppc.com

5 Free Money Online

Yes!!!! Your chance of acquiring money online for free is as good as you developing brains!!


Seriously speaking,what’s unbelievable is the fact that the maximum number of users posting this in search were from the United States.

Free Money Online

Image Source: www.international-ppc.com


6 I think Rhinos are Obese Unicorns!

Really?? Well one can agree with the term ‘Unicorn’ but why are we stupid enough not to understand the statement made by this search user? Well everyone knows Rhinos have a single horn too, but do they fly? And what next?Rhinos are real no doubt, But Unicorns exist in a fantasy world. How can you confuse the two? No wonder it made to the list of top weird searches on Google.

I think Rhinos are Obese Unicorns!

Image Source: www.imgur.com

7 Is Lady Gaga a Man?

No she’s a Martian!


Till date 18000 search queries have been recorded for this question. Lady gaga is the subject of some of the weirdest search queries on the net and seriously you don’t want these mentioned. Why can’t they let her be, It’s not like she’s from another planet now is she?

Is Lady Gaga a Man?

Image Source: www.valuewalk.com

8 Is Santa Real?

What else would you like knowing, weirdo? When does the Easterbunny visit? Will Santa fit in my chimney? Is the tooth fairy real? How do I contact Gandalf??


Although one can understand kids asking this question, unfortunately it is in most cases an adult posting such queries. Google recorded almost 60,000 queries to this search and that’s not taking in account the rest of Santa related queries which border on the absurd.

Is Santa Real?

Image Source: www.gamespot.com

9 How to Stop Shits?

Well what do you say to this one? Are you overawed and wondering at the possible answers from Google? Are comments warranted or do you just wonder and be amazed at the height of stupidity out there. Yes our world is full of crazy weirdoes and they certainly do make their presence felt on the net.

How to Stop Shits?

Image Source: www.infographicspedia.com

10 How Come….. (How come I’m crazy?? How come when I talk to girls on Facebook they don’t answer me back?)

Shouldn’t you be asking,‘How come I’m a big dumbo?’ How come someone is out there reading about me being such a weirdo and asking Google a whole lot of rubbish, how come I don’t have brains?

How Come

Image Source: www.list25.com


If you’re amused at this list of weirdoes trying to warp poor old Google’s brains, then believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It goes to show how much the human race is made up of demented freaks that have nothing better to do with their time than ask stupid silly questions. Now be smart and jump in for some sensible searches on Google.



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