10 Of the Most Mysterious Discoveries Made By Scientists In 2016


There have been several mysteries throughout the ages and while early man was not equipped with scientific advancements and technology to understand them today is another story. Although not fully explained, scientists have managed to explore and arrive at points where studies and research is possible. What is most amazing is that mysterious discoveries are continuously occurring around the globe even today. Archaeologists have unearthed some amazing things as recent as 2016 among which some are bizarre, some controversial and some downright fantastic. Listed here are the top ten amazing discoveries of 2016.

10 Norwegian Scientists find a theory on the Bermuda Triangle

When scientists discovered huge craters in the Barrents Sea, research ultimately led to an association with the Bermuda Triangle. The craters were believd to have been created by exploding natural gas that could have become dangerous for passing ships. The theory was picked up by the media and unleashed on the internet. Although the scientists never really made such claims, the possibilities of methane gas endangering ships and aircraft made sense in relation to the Triangle. Even national Geographic reported how methane gas released at sea could cause air turbulence and bring planes crashing down.


theory on the Bermuda Triangle

Image Source: www.inquisitr.com

9 300-Year-Old Child Mummy reported to have opened her eyes in Mexican Cathedral

Paranormal events were in Guadalajara, Mexico concerning a young Catholic saint Inocencia. The deceased mummified remains was reported to have opened her eyes and looked into the camera of a tourist filming her where she lay in the Guadalajara Cathedral. The incident had occurred also in December 12th 2012 when a tourist filmed the incident on his cell phone. Although it was not observed while filming the corpse was seen opening her eyes in the video. Cardinal Juan Francisco Robles commented to a daily “This beatified saint is known for making miracles and this is just one of the many.”

300-Year-Old Child Mummy

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk


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