10 Of the most hypnotic and amazing natural phenomena in the world

The world is graced with natural phenomena; some spectacular and some intimidating to the point of being simply awesome and amazing. While some can be spectacular, others could be daunting and downright dangerous. Here the ten most amazing natural phenomena in the world.


1 The Catatumbo Lightning

The Catatumbo Lightening in Venezuela should be seen to be believed, a continuous high intensity lightening zone which occurs over Lake Maracaibo. The entrance to the Catatumbo River in Venezuela emits out large flashes of lightning which originate from storm clouds towering high up in the sky. The scene could well resemble some magic portal and continues for almost 160 nights in the year at a staggering rate of 280 times every hour.

The Catatumbo Lightning

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2 The Great Blue Holes

Blue holes are common in certain parts of an ocean but the largest and most imposing one lies just off the Belize coast near an atoll named ‘Lighthouse reef.’ The circular hole measures 984 feet across and is approximately 407 feet deep. The blue hole is said to have formed from quaternary glaciations during those times, when the earth had lower sea levels almost 15,000 years ago.

The Great Blue Holes

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3 Fire Tornadoes

Also known as a fire whirl or a fire devil, these dangerous and intimidating fire tornadoes are whirlwinds that actually consist of flame and ash and could well be construed as fire bolts from hell. Formed through an atmospheric combination of rising heat and turbulent wood, they suck up combustible material and hence become a fire tornado.

A deadly example of a firehwirl was the fire tornado formed in the aftermath of the massive Kanto earthquake in Japan in 1923 which led to a gigantic firestorm the size of a small city. It killed 38,000 people in Hifukusho, Tokyo.

Fire Tornadoes

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4 Red Crabs of Christmas Island

Each year on Christmas Island you will witness the most incredible natural living phenomena in the world. Almost 40 million red crabs migrate across the Island to the ocean to lay their eggs. The roads are strewn with red crabs prompting the authorities to close roads in their path for a week every year.

Red Crabs of Christmas Island

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5 The Giant Causeway. Basalt Columns, Northern Ireland

The Giant Causeway is a natural phenomenon made up of approximately 40000 basalt columns interlocking each other. The region is located just off the coast of Northern Ireland in the county of Antrim. The basalt columns were created as a result of a volcanic eruption forming solidified lava. The columns can be stood upon and start from the foot of a cliff leading into the sea. Some of the columns are almost 39 feet high.

The Giant Causeway. Basalt Columns, Northern Ireland

Image Source: www.wikimedia.or

6 Dirty Thunderstorms

A dirty thunderstorm is actually volcanic lightening mixed with ash and fire among thick pockets of cloud. This could well be one of the most amazing natural phenomena and the most prominent one too. It occurred above the Chaiten volcano in Chile and photographed by Carlos Gutierrez. It looked quite like the doorway to hell.

Dirty Thunderstorms

Image Source: www.nature-pictures.info

7 Flammable Ice

Lake Abraham in Alberta Canada is a bubbling blue cauldron of ice. Methane gas is regularly produced by bacteria feeding on various organic matters present in the lake. Methane formed from the reaction surfaces as bubbles which pop releasing the gas. However in winter when the lake is frozen over, the methane bubbles are trapped beneath the ice thus causing the phenomenon of flammable ice.

Flammable Ice

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8 Northern lights

By far the most amazing natural phenomena are the Northern lights which can be seen every day from locations in Canada, Alaska, Iceland and northern Scandinavian countries. Formed by particles in the atmosphere which have been electrically charged from the sun, the northern lights are a spectacular display of color and can also be seen from space.

Northern lights

Image Source: www.oceanwide-expeditions.com


9 Sailing Stones

Perhaps one of the weirdest natural phenomena is that of sailing rocks or moving rocks of the Death Valley, USA. Called sailing stones, the rocks are a geological phenomenon that moves without human intervention along tracks on the valley floor. Some of the stones have recorded to produce tracks measuring over hundred feet long.

Sailing Stones

Image Source: www.examiner.com

10 The Pink Lake, Australia

Lake Hillier in The Rechercha Archipelago of Australia is the only pink lake to exist in the world. Most pink lakes lose their colour due to range of temperatures; however Lake Hillier is pink period. Even if the water is collected in a bottle, it still appears pink!! Lake Hillier is spectacular and undoubtedly among the most amazing natural phenomena in the world. Geologists believe that the pink color could be due to a combination of pink colored bacteria and the salt content in the lake.

The Pink Lake, Australia

Image Source: www.nowiknow.com

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