10 Most Interesting Hotels around the world That You would love to visit!


If you thought a deluxe hotel in your city was the epitome of luxury, then think again. While famous celebrities may stay at times in a Palm Beach or Hilton, there are luxury hotels around the world whose opulence is beyond exaggeration. With themes ranging from the casino city of Las Vegas to rustic forest dwelling tree houses, luxury is an understatement compared to what these resorts and hotels have to offer.

For the elite, these world famous locations may be common fare, but for regular society people, they are the zenith of rejuvenation, indulgence and possibly even fantasy. Let’s take a look at the most unique and interesting hotels around the world.

10 The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas USA

Luxury hotels may be common to Las Vegas but not The Golden Nugget. This luxury property in downtown Vegas has a whole load of amenities. The Golden Nugget actually has a 30 ft water slider called ‘The Tank.’ What’s more? It runs right through a shark Tank. Fun, isn’t it?

The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas USA

Image Source: www.cardcow.com


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