10 Most Interesting Hotels around the world That You would love to visit!

If you thought a deluxe hotel in your city was the epitome of luxury, then think again. While famous celebrities may stay at times in a Palm Beach or Hilton, there are luxury hotels around the world whose opulence is beyond exaggeration. There are so many great hotels out there, such as the d’Angleterre ( https://www.dangleterre.com), Copenhagen hotels that it can often seem a bit overwhelming picking the perfect one for you. Sure you’ll have a great time in whichever luxury hotel you pick, but if you’ve got the time and money why not try and enjoy as much of the world as you can? With themes ranging from the casino city of Las Vegas to rustic forest dwelling tree houses, luxury is an understatement compared to what these resorts and hotels have to offer.


For the elite, these world famous locations may be common fare, but for regular society people, they are the zenith of rejuvenation, indulgence and possibly even fantasy. Let’s take a look at the most unique and interesting hotels around the world.

10 The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas USA

Luxury hotels may be common to Las Vegas but not The Golden Nugget. This luxury property in downtown Vegas has a whole load of amenities. The Golden Nugget actually has a 30 ft water slider called ‘The Tank.’ What’s more? It runs right through a shark Tank. Fun, isn’t it?

The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas USA

Image Source: www.cardcow.com

9 Boscolo Exedra Roma, Rome

This wasn’t even built in this century. The Boscolo Exedra Roma has been renovated from an 18th century building. For tourists travelling to Rome, this is an awesome place to stay if you can afford it. The 5 star property oozes history and culture enhanced by its location between the basilica of St Mary of the Angels and the Baths of Diocletian both created by Michael Angelo. The Bosco Exedra Roma charges no less than $250 per night.

Boscolo Exedra Roma, Rome

Image Source: www.kuoni.co.uk

8 Treehouse Point, Washington State

Strictly for adults! That’s the Treehouse Point for you. This is a luxurious camping experience for adults wanting the ultimate in relaxation. An exclusive spa of sorts where kids aren’t allowed, the resorts consists of unique tree houses offering a rejuvenating experience amidst the tranquility of nature; entertainment isn’t the latest movie but a hike, a yoga lesson or an invigorating massage.

Treehouse Point, Washington State

Image Source: www.tinyhouseswoon.com

7 Hotel De Glace, Quebec

Believe it or not, this is a hotel made from ice! Located in Quebec, this is a big attraction for locals and tourists alike. Opened in 2001, the Hotel de glace is one of its kinds in all of North America. This is the only hotel that is open for 3 months in a year. The hotel features a number of ice sculptures and amenities such as an ice café, ice bars and even a chapel made from ice. Prices vary from $350 to $550 per head.

Hotel De Glace, Quebec

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

6 Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

This is got to be the very ultimate in exotica. The Poseidon undersea resort in Fiji is still under construction and is undoubtedly one of it’s kind in the world. The magical waterworld could well represent a modern day Atlantis with marine life passing by your room window. Amenities typical of its nature feature golf and tennis courts, spas and splash pools. Due to heavy advance bookings, the authorities are already contemplating a second resort.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Image Source: www.poseidonresorts.com

5 Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Italy

A Hotel carved into rock!! That’s right. The Grotta Palazzese is actually constructed into Limestone rocks overlooking the Adriatic. For those who love the fresh scent of the sea and the wisp of an ocean’s breeze, this is perfect. The rustic ambience is both intimate and romantic with limestone caves decorated with dim lighting to enhance the effect. The Grotta Palazzese may be carved from rock, but every room is equipped with all the latest technology and amenities. As luxurious hotels go, this has got to be among the finest.

Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Italy

Image Source: www.googleusercontent.com

4 Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

If you want to experience the northern lights in style then the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is an ideal destination. What could be more innovative than living in an igloo made from ice? One can well imagine the magical experience of a quiet night’s contemplation with a live experience of the ethereal northern lights playing above you. The Igloo village also features activities such as husky rides, mountain biking and hiking.

Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

Image Source: www.kakslauttanen.fi

3 Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

There is no experience well worth the luxury than a mountain based resort such as the Whitepod Hotel Switzerland. Promoted as the best in eco luxury, the whitepod has guests living in pods instead of rooms. Each pod is equipped with just basic amenities abiding as close to the eco theme as possible.

However, you can enjoy yourself at the pod restaurant and participate in several alpine activities all for a steep $700 per night.

Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Image Source: www.architecturaldigest.com

2 Cocoa Island Hotel, Maldives

A hotel constructed over an entire island in Maldives, this is the destination of your dreams. Featuring a typical exotic location over azure waters and pristine beaches, the hotel has 33 suites built over water. Similar to little houseboats, the rooms and villas have an exclusive sundeck and rooms equipped with the most modernistic of amenities such as Plasma TV.

During the day you can indulge in a number of aquatic activities like snorkeling and fishing and scuba diving. However luxury comes at a price and you need to shell out $1,100 a night at the Coco Island hotel.

Cocoa Island Hotel, Maldives

Image Source: www.homedit.com

1 Burj Al Arab Jumeriah, Dubai

Among the various luxurious hotels of the world, the Burj AL Arab Jumeirah comes out on top. The skyscraper type hotel is now an iconic symbol of Dubai and costs a steep $2,500 a night. Rather than rooms the Burj AL Arab Jumeirah features 202 duplexes driven by the latest in entertainment technology and every possible amenity you can think of. With nine deluxe restaurants, four swimming pools, spas, Water Park and what not, this is one of those hotels, where you should definitely stay if you go to Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Jumeriah, Dubai

Image Source: www.britannica.com


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