10 Mind blowing tattoos and tattooists – You will simply love them

There were times, years back, that tattoos were covered under the clothes, displaying it to no one. Most people inscribed the names of their loved ones on their body. Then slowly, simple designs were tattooed by the people. During that period, the designs were limited and the color available was only green. The process was very painful too.


These simple green colored tattoos then had different colors added to it, and now the trendsetter is 3D tattoo. Beautiful designs can easily be drawn on paper, but to apply the same method to the skin is a tough process also this ink on the skin cannot be wiped out.

Every day when you look for designs in the internet, you could find for yourself, the beautiful strokes of artists released. The specific feature of 3D Tattoo is: it will be so real to look at. This effect is grounded on visual trickery. It takes a lot of time and expertise for the artists to turn this trick into reality, by applying the right shades and images in the accurate spots. Not every tattoo artist could create these masterpieces, but there are leaders in the market, who challenge the art every day. The designs are attractively inked on the skin, which is worth appreciating the incredible imagination of the artist. Most people suggest that their inspiration comes from David Beckham, who possess around 34 tattoos and Cheryl Cole, who has inked roses transversely on her lower back, butts and legs.


1 Tattooist: John Anderton

  • Location: Durham, United Kingdom
  • Charge: $ 200 per hour

Anderton is an award winning tattooist. He has the ability of transforming the ideas of his clients to reality. He can also give custom tattoos comprising all styles, including portrayals, Japanese art and realistic pictures.

John Anderton

Image Source: www.scene360.com


2 Tattooist: Danny Lepore

  • Location: New York, USA
  • Charge: $125 to $150 per hour

He can tattoo with heavy colors, but he is specialized in using the black and grey inks. He makes sure that his tattoos are elegant, and blends well with the skin tone and the art looks very realistic.

Danny Lepore

Image Source: www.bostontattooconvention.com


3 Tattooist: Mike Rubendall

  • Location: New York, USA
  • Charge: $125 per hour

He was highlighted in the ‘Tattoo Wars’ of the TLC series. He inks the clients with tattoos depicting the eastern culture, preferably, the Japanese origin. That is why his arts have a lot of koi fishes and cherries. He also paints neo-traditional tattoos.

Mike Rubendall

Image Source: www.bme.com


4 Tattooist: Brandon Bond

  • Location: Atlanta
  • Charge: $ 500 per session

Brandon has won countless awards for his influential tattoos. He should be booked before a year in advance for his services. His tattoos are very innovative and they seem to be real. The mix of colours he uses is like the magnificent sky changing shaed at different times of the day.

Brandon Bond

Image Source: www.tattoodesignsideas.in


5 Tattooist: Stephanie Tamez

  • Location: Atlanta
  • Charge: $ 200 per session

Stephanie Tamez, is a trained graphic designer before she entered the field of tattooing. She tries out various combinations and makes it work. She also discusses with her clients if the tattoo would look good after a period of time.

Stephanie Tamez

Image Source: www.marthastewart.com


6 Tattooist: David Klvac

  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Charge: $250 per hour

David is good at creating 3D Biomechanical tattoos and Devian art. He takes time and works individually with each customer. He can create unique art works with black and grey colors and actually many colors. Tell him your like and he will make it your love!

David Klvac

Image Source: www.worldtattoosgallery.com


7 Tattooist: Paul Booth

  • Location: New York, USA
  • Charge: $300 per hour

If the tattoo should be of heavy work, then Paul Booth could help you out. His expertise is in sketching realistic horror tattoos and gothic in grayscale. He concentrates on what the rock stars love. However, he should be booked two years in advance for his services. He charges $300 per hour.

Paul Booth

Image Source: www.skin-artists.com

8 Tattooist: Anil Gupta

  • Charge: $450 per hour

Anil Gupta is good at giving realistic portraits. His tattoos are so precise and look like original. The art form is presented in a very intricate way. He is specialized in Tribal enthused tattoos. His session should be booked at least 6 months in prior and he charges $450 per hour.

Anil Gupta

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

9 Tattooist: Lee Piercy

  • Location: Wirral, United Kingdom
  • Charge: $150 per hour

Lee is specialized in using ‘Bright’ colors. He is an expertise in tattooing the comic and cartoon characters. Freehand Tribal art form is also his area of specialism. Don’t believe me? See the image for yourself!

Lee Piercy

Image Source: www.superamiches.com


10 Tattooist: Alice Carrier

  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Charge: $200 per hour

Alice, designs tattoos at Wonderland Tattoo in Oregon. She is focused on displaying art forms with natural science subject tattoos. These tattoos are every elegant to look at with a traditional touch in them. The design looks like a lively art.

Alice Carrier

Image Source: www.jaxshots.com


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