10 Millionaires who did not need a college degree to be rich

We have the tendency to burn out our energy preparing for those bloody college entrance exams and interviews. Those endless trips to different schools in order to get a scholarship or a college grant and numerous applications to different Universities don’t always guarantee you a perfectly wonderful life in the future after graduation.


These ten people listed below are some of the people who made a name for themselves and even extremely abundant bank accounts didn’t graduate from college. Sometimes, it requires only effort and passion in order to push your way through a good career and here are the perfect examples:

1 Bill Gates

The Richest Man on Earth even to this day is a self-made billionaire without a college degree. At this point, you’re entitled to name Bill Gates as the World’s Richest College Drop-out. Bill Gates is a Harvard University drop-out. It was that time that he sacrificed his education to start his own business with his partner, Paul Allen. This partnership created the greatest software company of all time, Microsoft. In 2007, the very school he dropped out from gave him an honorary doctorate degree. Think about it. He is a college drop-out who now has a Ph.D.

Bill Gates

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2 Mary Kay Ash

The entire female world knows the name, Mary Kay. Every single man, woman or anyone in between who is fond of cosmetics has probably tried one of Mary Kay Ash’s products. She is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry with her multi-million dollar cosmetic line, Mary Kay.


Dropping out of college, Mary Kay decided to get married and be happy. What she didn’t expect though was opening her very own international conglomerate that turned her life a major success in business. Mary Kay shot her name into fame with her cosmetic line making it extremely fruitful when she decided to partner up with her clients in expanding her business.

Mary Kay Ash

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3 Halle Berry

Halle Berry can’t say that she’s a college drop-out. In fact, she never actually stepped foot in college. Halle Berry is among the rich and famous who went out of her roots to chase her dreams and found the glorious fruit of it. After high school, she moved to Chicago and was discovered. This model became an immediate celebrity when she won an Oscar Award putting her on the Celebrity A-list. Her good-looks and talent literally made her the Sexiest Woman on Earth.

Halle Berry

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4 Michael Dell

In the ever expanding world of modern technology making a name for yourself in this industry is difficult if you never attended high formal education— that is, a College Degree. Entering the tech business with only ‘what-you-know’ may bite you in the back and drag you down.

This isn’t the case with Michael Dell. Chief Executive Officer of his own company, Dell Computers, Michael Dell is classified under one of the richest men on earth without a college degree. At only 19 years old, he dropped out of college when he thought that he’s ready to build his own business from what he’s was starting within the walls of his dorm room. In 2009, he is estimated to have a net worth of about $12.3 billion dollars.

Michael Dell

Image Source: www.benzinga.com

5 Henry Ford

The Father of the Modern Car didn’t have the need for a college degree or even a high school degree to earn his title. Henry Ford just needed to become an innovative genius to become a rich man. Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors, made the world to be able to afford buying cars. His innovative way of building cars through the assembly line made making cars more efficient and more affordable for every man. To this day, his legacy continues to flourish.

Henry Ford

Image Source: www.pbs.org

6 Rachael Ray

Culinary School is one of the most expensive schools to get into. Earning a culinary degree would easily sky-rocket your career into the famous culinary world. Rachel Ray is one of the most successful on-screen chefs but in reality, she’s a self-made chef. She never entered college or had any type of culinary training to be a great chef.


She began as humble instructor, teaching cooling classes at Cowen and Lobel. In her classes, she taught her students how to cook fast and simple 30-minute dishes that would melt the palates of your tongue. Now, Rachel Ray is an international instructor in cooking.

Rachael Ray

Image Source: www.rachaelrayweb.com

7 John D. Rockefeller

Rockefeller was one of the men who literally made a name for the United States of America. His company Standard Oil is an incredible money-sucking machine that launched this drop-out into financial success. John D. Rockefeller isn’t a college drop-out though; he is a high school drop-out. That’s right! Rockefeller never even finished high school yet he managed his business so well that he needed up single-handedly monopolizing the oil business in America. When the US divided his company into smaller businesses, he ended up becoming shareholders in every single company earning him twice, thrice and even quadruple the amount of money he was making in his Standard oil company.

John D. Rockefeller

Image Source: www.philanthropyroundtable.org

8 Steven Spielberg

This multi-Oscar Award Winning Director is the World’s most in-demand directors in the history. His creative mind and ingenuity in the film industry turned him into the Most Desired Director and probably the Most Successful Directors of All-Time. This international name in almost every cinema screen is a drop-out of California State University. In fact, not only did he drop out of the school, he was denied admission in his first application in the film school. Now, the founder of DreamWorks Movie Studios is one of the most successful men in the entertainment industry.

teven Spielberg

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9 Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg had nothing to begin with when he went to college. In fact, this college drop-out even had to borrow money from PayPal founder, Pete Thiel, to launch his social networking site. Mark Zuckerberg is the man that radically made the world into an online Social Networking Site. He not only created an entire world of social interaction, he also created one of the best avenues for advertising. Because of this, even Bill Gates’ company caught interest and bought 1.6% of its shares.

Mark Zuckerberg

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10 Walt Disney

Who would have known that the maker of Mickey Mouse never earned a high school diploma? Walt Disney hated school to the point that he created an outline of his reasons for hating school and mailed it to his high school principal. To Walt Disney, school was a hindrance in achieving his dreams of creating animation. He was so into it that his creative mind made the fantasy world so close to reality.

Walt Disney

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