10 Millionaires who did not need a college degree to be rich


We have the tendency to burn out our energy preparing for those bloody college entrance exams and interviews. Those endless trips to different schools in order to get a scholarship or a college grant and numerous applications to different Universities don’t always guarantee you a perfectly wonderful life in the future after graduation.

These ten people listed below are some of the people who made a name for themselves and even extremely abundant bank accounts didn’t graduate from college. Sometimes, it requires only effort and passion in order to push your way through a good career and here are the perfect examples:

1 Bill Gates

The Richest Man on Earth even to this day is a self-made billionaire without a college degree. At this point, you’re entitled to name Bill Gates as the World’s Richest College Drop-out. Bill Gates is a Harvard University drop-out. It was that time that he sacrificed his education to start his own business with his partner, Paul Allen. This partnership created the greatest software company of all time, Microsoft. In 2007, the very school he dropped out from gave him an honorary doctorate degree. Think about it. He is a college drop-out who now has a Ph.D.

Bill Gates

Image Source: www.purplesq.com


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