10 Kids Born with Their Own Unique Superpowers

Children live their life carefree and love their playtime more than anything else. Some love riding their bikes, roller skating, playing house, or simply playing with their dolls and action figures. But have you heard of children who preferred studying quantum physics or honing their superhuman abilities? Surprised yet? Of course, anyone would think that this question couldn’t possibly be true, but surprisingly it is. There are kids who are gifted with some amazing supernatural talents around the world such as a boy with an IQ higher than Einstein. Believe it or not but here are 10 such astonishing kids born with superpowers.


1 The Blind Boy who can still See

American Teenager Ben Underwood is the real-life Marvel superhero Daredevil. He is completely blind like the fictional character but can do everything which needs to be seen to do. He can run, jump, dodge cars on the street without any help, and even shoot baskets. Like Daredevil, Ben also uses the power of sound with the technique of echolocation. He uses his teeth to make sharp clicking sounds that echo off objects, helping him detect their location. But Ben doesn’t use a cane like other blind people and says that he doesn’t feel like a person with a disability because his superpower has helped him transform his life.

The Blind Boy who can still See

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2 Girl with the Power of the Third Eye

Buddhist monks have been popular for their concept of the third eye. But is there really such a thing? Well, Yogamaatha, a young Indian girl can harness the power of her third eye. She demonstrated her supernatural ability at a temple in Southern California. There she managed to spell the words written on a paper, play games, and identify color patterns all while being blindfolded. She even explained that it wasn’t a mere magic trick as she confirmed that she learned mystical powers under gurus and she wishes to learn even more.

Girl with the Power of the Third Eye

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3 Autistic Boy with the Highest IQ

Autism affects many children all around the world, but some Autistic children have astonishing talents and mental abilities. One such Autistic child is Jacob Burnett whose IQ is even higher than that of the great Albert Einstein. Diagnosed with autism at birth, doctors said that he wouldn’t be able to even tie his shoelaces. Guess he proved them wrong when he turned 14 and came close to winning a Noble Prize. At age 10 he enrolled in university to study Quantum Physics and was well on his way to get his PhD at age 17. Jacob has a photographic memory and a knack for theoretical physics. He authored his very first research paper when he was just 13 years old. While Einstein’s IQ was 160, Jacob’s is a fascinating 170.

Autistic Boy with the Highest

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