10 Incredible Alternate Theories That Could Change the Face of History

People love reading conspiracy theories and whether true or false some of them are downright remarkable. Among all the alternative theories in place, we found these to be the most incredible and fantastic especially the last one. So read on.


1 The Titanic

One theory surrounding the sinking of the Titanic was that the ship had never sunk. It was an identical but heavily damaged ship called the Olympic which was intentionally sent in the place by the same owner the white Star Line Company to recover its insurance money knowing the ship would ultimately sink in the sea. They would fake the sinking of the ship evacuate passengers but unfortunately, they were too late and the ship sank faster than expected resulting in 1500 deaths.


The Titanic

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2 There was a fire on the Titanic before she sailed

One theory claims there was a fire on board the Titanic before she sailed and there are old photos proving so. Supposedly it was John Dilley a fireman working on the Titanic who stated in an interview that there was a fire that raged for 5 days in bunker 6. The fire story was suppressed to protect the reputation of the company. The fire weakened the Titanic to withstand the damage done from the Iceberg.

There was a fire on the Titanic before she sailed

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3 The mummy’s curse sank the Titanic

Part of Lord Canterville’s luggage on the Titanic included an ancient Egyptian mummy from the British Museum. The Media somehow declared it to be a priestess called Amen Ra and it was the curse of this mummy that led to misfortune of the ship. The inside board of the mummy’s casket read “Leave the oblivion, and conquer those on your way with one sharp look.


The mummy’s curse sank the Titanic

Image Source: www.ancient-origins.net


4 The Egyptian Sphinx

The Great Sphinx of Egypt is believed to have been built in 25 BC at the time of the reign of Pharaoh Khafre. However a text discovered in Giza in 1857 named the Stele of Revealing stated that Khafre only restored the Sphinx which suggests it was much older than believed. Furrows on the Sphinx body suggest water erosion but Egypt was never rainy for 8000 years which means that the Sphinx is more than 8000 years old.

The Egyptian Sphinx

Image Source: www.ancient-code.com

5 Fortune hunting in Troy

Troy as historians would have us believe was located on the Turkish Hill Hisarlik. The discovery of the city was claimed by one archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann but others wrote him off as a fortune hunter. A theory also surfaced that Schliemann promoted himself and buried a cache of gold in the area to make his discovery seem authentic and a sample of Prima’s treasure.


Fortune hunting in Troy

Image Source: www.brightside.me

6 The Pearl Harbor attack was provoked by the USA

An alternate theory regarding the attack on Pearl Harbor says that it was provoked by the USA. Roosevelt provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor because he wanted to enter the war. He also knew about the attack plans of the Japanese because their aircraft carriers had already left base on the day of the attack.


The Pearl Harbor attack

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7 The chronology mess up

The first person to notice a mistake in the work “The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended” was Sir Isaac Newton and it was his work too. The list of Pharaohs differs from one another. A noted figure in Egyptology, Jean Francois Champollion discovered the name of Shoshenq I in the Bible and this marked the advent of the chronology of Ancient Egypt which started 3 centuries of chronological events that don’t even refer to Egypt.


The chronology mess up

Image Source: www.looklex.com

8 The Russian State of Kiev

In the same chronology there is a confusion concerning the Russian state of Kiev. While it is mentioned as a Slavic settlement in the 6th century, it is suddenly mentioned as a big capital after 3 centuries. There is nothing of Kiev in the 300 years between these periods.


The Russian State of Kiev

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9 The phantom Carolingian dynasty

Historian Herbert Illig is of the opinion that the Charles the great history’s first recognized emperor was a fictional character. Archaeologists have never found any traces of this dynasty in the territory within current Germany that belonged to this dynasty. However in the chronicles the castles of this dynasty has been mentioned several times.


The phantom Carolingian dynasty

Image Source: www.charter97.org

10 Michael Jackson faked his death and moved to Bahrain

There are many who believe and want to believe that the King of Pop is still alive. Consider this, the last photo of Jackson could have been faked as his skin tone is different. The person who phoned for emergency sounded very calm and never mentioned Michael’s name. The CCTV recordings have disappeared and so has the doctor who announced the news. Jackson looked exceptionally well several days before his death. Hs coffin was never open at his funeral and family members may have faked tears.


A diary was believed to have been found belonging to Jackson in which he wrote about faking his death. Years before his death Jackson had travelled to Bahrain several times and even considered moving there. Paris Jackson published a photo in 2016 that made big news. Many fans think that the person in the backseat of the car was Jackson himself.This was by fare the most thought provoking alternate theory.

Michael Jackson faked his death

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