10 Easy Habits That Can Make You Look Fantastic Without Makeup

8Use sunscreen even in cold weather

Sunscreen can do much to protect your skin from sunburn, blistering, redness and harsh effects of the sun. Sunscreen helps you prevent premature aging and maintains your complexion by providing your skin with essential nutrients like keratin that makes your skin look smooth and healthy. It also reduces your risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen even if it is winter because the UV rays are always present even if it is cold. In fact, what many don’t know is that the Earth is closest to the sun in wintertime which doubles the impact sun rays have on your skin.


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9Improve your blood circulation

Improving blood circulation means your organs are oxygenated for better health. Your skin too is one such organ that benefits an improved level of oxygen. Only good blood circulation can help your skin appear firm and healthy. The best way to improve blood circulation is by exercises that get your blood pumping effectively. Go for long brisk walks, jogging, handstands, and aerobics or facial treatments that help rejuvenate your skin. Make sure you stay adequately hydrated. Lukewarm showers can also help improve your looks.


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10Put effort into your style

When you want to look your best, you need to discover the style that suits you the best. The trick is looking your best is how you carry yourself, your dressing style and even your hair. It is all about the type of statement you want to make. What’s important is to find what suits you best and make a committed effort to follow these trends to make them a habit of your lifestyle and you will surely look good.


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