10 Easy Habits That Can Make You Look Fantastic Without Makeup

4Shape your eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows can also improve your naturally good looks. There are different ways you can style your eyebrows but you may need to experiment with a few looks to settle for what suits you best. Styling your eyebrows doesn’t need to be done with tweezers as that can hurt your skin and even cause tiny bumps, moreover, you may overpluck your eyebrows. You can learn threading, or even use pencils or powders. If necessary, use small scissors to trim brows as that is also effective.


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5Apply castor oil to your eyelashes

Castor oil has been proven by studies to make hair shine with more luster. It can also be very helpful on eyelashes to make them look good. Castor oil does not make your lashes grow faster contrary to what many may tell you, instead it will make your eyebrows appear glossier and thicker.


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6Use serums for a nutrient boost

If you want healthy skin, you shouldn’t be adding to many chemicals to it. For optimum skin health, you can also apply serums that prevent and fight wrinkles, dull skin and dark spots. It only takes a few drops and you may never get serums that are the same. How the serum may work for you will depend on the ingredients of the serum so always check the bottles and be sure that is exactly what your skin needs. You can also boost you skin health by applying a daily skin mask that will provide your skin with nutrients which takes less effort and time.


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7Drink lemon water

Lemon water besides being an excellent means to detox your body also keeps your skin healthy and looking beautiful. According to studies, women who are older can improve their looks by brightening up their skin, reducing dark spots, dark circles and redness with vitamin C that is also one of the ingredients in lemon water. Vitamin C also contributes to collagen production that firms’ skin and makes you look younger. Make it a habit to drink a warm cup of water with lemon the first thing in the morning every day.


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