10 Easy Habits That Can Make You Look Fantastic Without Makeup

The one thing that most women need to do and cannot go without is makeup. While trying and stressful, it just needs to be done regardless how some may dislike it. Even if many may not like going the whole way, most will invariably add some compact, eyeliner and perhaps lipstick, the basic makeup. The process can be time-consuming and tiresome for most especially when you have to rush off to work in the morning. Well, there are natural ways to support your looks by well, looking good naturally and it requires abiding by certain habits that need to become a default of your lifestyle. They aren’t very hard too. Here are 10 ways to look good without makeup and make use of your natural features.


1Use silk pillowcases for your sleep time

You may have heard how certain sleep habits can contribute to wrinkling. Well, you can also improve your looks when you sleep. Either cover your present pillow with good quality silk or use a silk pillow. This reduces friction on your skin and hair while sleeping. It also prevents irritation and skin damage. A silk pillow will also keep your skin and hair clean while preventing drying. Cotton pillows, on the other hand, absorb your natural oils and dries out your skin. Silk pillows are better when you have acne issues.

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2Use acid

Skin pores usually get clogged with dead skin cells and this leads to congestion, blemishes and redness. Using salicylic acid is a good way to exfoliate the pores to clean out dead skin cells resulting in clean skin and improved firmer complexion. It may sound a bit weird and scary to advocating the use of acid on the skin but it is just a moderate use and less irritating than benzoyl peroxide. You can use a product that contains a lesser concentration of salicylic acid (approx. 0.5% to 2%). There are serums available with similar concentrations including toners and face masks.

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3Give your face a massage

A massage is excellent for rejuvenating your skin and increase its firmness. It not only is good for appearance but also gives your skin a workout and tones it well. A facial massage can be done by you or someone else t home. The best way to do it is to perform deep stimulating motions to your face. If you have sensitive skin, then apply a lighter touch. A good face massage helps remove toxins and excess waste from skin. While massaging the face avoid the eyes as your eyes are to delicate for that type of pressure.

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