10 Gaping sinkholes that suddenly appeared out of nowhere

There is nothing scarier than a strong earthquake shaking you from side to side. Wait! There is! There is nothing scarier than the ground suddenly opening its mouth and literally swallowing you alive. You’d think that it’s an exaggeration when movies feature those scenes where the earth would open up and pull people into its gaping mouth. Well, it really isn’t.


If you hate pop-ups whenever you open a website, then you’d hate it even more when you wake up with a hole that suddenly popped-up where your neighbors were supposed to be. Here are some unsettling news about these sinkholes suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

1 The Sinkhole of Death

Bayou Corne, Louisiana. Sinkholes are terrifying. What’s worse is when it starts to give off those unexpected dangerous levels of radiation. The sinkhole was due to the soft foundation it had since it was on top of a salt dome but to worsen the matter, the 422 foot deep hole was caused by decades of mining. The sinkhole was like a hungry mouth gulping a total pine trees towering a height of 100 feet.


The radioactive pit of death was growing in size and was also discovered to have about 63 million gallons of butane gas inclusive of extreme methane diffusion making the entire sinkhole a swamp of death.

The Sinkhole of Death

Image Source: www.flutrackers.com


2 Killer Sharks, Killer Snakes, Killer Earthquakes… Killer Holes?

Changsha, China. China has been having more and more sinkholes lately. One incident involved a man driving his van in Guilin City. A hole cracked open in the middle of that road flipping his van to its side. In a separate incident, a BMW was completely swallowed by a sinkhole killing one of the three passengers. To most people’s surprise, the hole is too deep to even see the bottom of the sinkhole.

Killer Sharks, Killer Snakes, Killer Earthquakes... Killer Holes

Image Source: www.jroo.me


3 He’d be Posting a Flyer Around Town For His Missing Garage

Schmalkalden, Germany. Waking up to the sound of construction is extremely disturbing especially after Halloween. Wolfgang Peter’s sleep was disturbed at 3 in the morning to the sound of soil or gravel being unloaded. To his morning nightmare though, it’s actually his garage being eaten up by a sinkhole 65 feet below ground. Luckily no life is lost but one automobile is definitely going to be missed.

He’d be Posting a Flyer Around Town For His Missing Garage

Image Source: www.guim.co.uk


4 It’s definitely not an earthquake

Daisetta, Texas. The ground was firm and it was definitely not an earthquake. The residents watched as the roads cracked and opened up taking with is a huge chuck of the residential area, a part of the forest and vast field areas. The entire sinkhole measured up to 600 yards.

Daisetta is a town built over what we call a salt dome. Salt is just as soft as limestone that easily weathers away. The sinkhole is exactly the result of the salt dome. Now, the hole was named ‘Sinkhole de Mayo’. To this day, the sinkhole is still growing in size and it may come to a point that it may bring the entire town with it.

It’s definitely not an earthquake

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

5 A Hole That’s Big Enough To Play Four Simultaneous Football Games In

Dover, Ohio. Digging sand for more than 50 feet below ground accompanied with naturally occurring sandy and unstable soil, a sinkhole is bound to happen. It was so wide it ate up an entire pond and a huge portion of the local highway. The hole measures to about 400 yards wide.

A Hole That’s Big Enough To Play Four Simultaneous Football Games I

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

6 His Bed Was Hanging by the Mouth of The Hole But He Was Nowhere To Be Found

Seffner, Florida. Sinkholes in Seffner are so common that homeowners get to have sinkhole insurances. Typical to this town, Jeff Bush would expect a sinkhole probably elsewhere in the yard but never in a place where he would have felt safest— his bedroom. Jeff woke up to a hole in the middle of his room where he and his entire bed fell into. A 20 foot wide sinkhole just appeared in the middle of their house and Jeremy, Jeff’s brother, couldn’t find his brother anywhere. To this day, Jeff has never been found even when Jeremy jumped in attempt to save his brother.

His Bed Was Hanging by the Mouth of The Hole But He Was Nowhere To Be Found

Image Source: www.postimg.org

7 Picher, Home of the Sinkholes

Picher, Oklahoma. This ghost town is a sinkhole kingdom in the process. The Environmental Protection Agency labeled Picher as the most toxic place in the U.S. making it have about a human population count of 20.

The city used to be a mining site where houses were built over underground holes. Multiple sinkholes appeared due to mineshafts caving in. Not only did these sinkholes pop-up in numerous places, these sinkholes brewed up into bubbling toxic lakes from mining wastes and toxins.

Picher, Home of the Sinkholes<

Image Source: www.nbcnews.com

8 The Building Just DISAPPEARED!

Guatemala City, Guatemala. It’s an international surprise when a sinkhole pulled an entire building 300 feet down with it. The sinkhole was almost perfectly circular when seen from any angel with a diameter of 60 feet. The May 30, 2010 sinkhole appearance in the middle of Guatemala City came as a shock to the entire country and the world along with it.

To this day, no conclusive reason for its appearance was given by geologists. They could only theorize about natural occurrences like water eroding the land beneath the city aggravated by the bursting of the sewage system.

The Building Just DISAPPEARED!

Image Source: www.amightywind.com

9 It’s A Hole Wide Enough For The 2016 Olympics!

Ottawa Highway, Canada. At typical autumn drive along the Ottawa highway, Juan Unger was driving his car home. Within a matter of seconds, he saw the ground cave in a couple of meters before him. Left without an option he clenched on to his steering wheel and went for the hole rather than crashing into other cars before him. The sewer line beneath the asphalt burst making the ground cave in. From a small hole it quickly stretched to the size of an Olympic Swimming pool.

It’s A Hole Wide Enough For The 2016 Olympics!

Image Source: www.ottawacitizen.com


10 A Hole Just Swallowed Him Alive!

Annbriar Golf Couse, Waterloo, Illinois. The typical trip to the golf course with his friends was more than a terrifying experience for Mark Minhal. On the 8th of March 2013, he and his friends were playing a regular game of golf when he found himself suddenly falling into a muddy pit 18 feet below ground. The land literally opened up below his feet making his companions run in panic to look for the manager. Minhal’s friend, Ed Magaletta was found tying a rope around his waist to save his trapped friend.

The bell-shaped hole was 10 feet in diameter. The local geologist said that it was an underground erosion of limestone caused by moving groundwater current. It’s like a thin ice situation making you think that you are passing through a ground strong enough to hold your weight until suddenly you find yourself pulled a couple feet below ground.

A Hole Just Swallowed Him Alive!

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