10 Famous and bizarre undersea Discoveries that will fascinate you

In recent times, space exploration has surpassed undersea exploration despite of the fact that the ocean floor is revealing some pretty mysteries and fascinating discoveries. Private treasure hunters, researchers and professional divers have discovered some spectacular findings in the deep among which include bizarre creatures and ancient artifacts. Take a look at 10 spectacular underwater discoveries in recent history.


1 Submerged Stonehenge

Quite like Stonehenge, there is a deep sea stone formation existing at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Not many know what the mysterious stones are and if they bear any connection to their British counterpart. One of the stones shaped like a pillar also as an animal figure carved on it. The animal has been extinct for 10,000 years. Who has answers to this incredible mystery?

Submerged Stonehenge

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2 Undersea Park Of Horrors

Then Caribbean is full of mysterious items lying on the ocean bed. This is one of the most bizarre structures lying buried in the sea floor. They are over 500 statues and they just stare back at divers exploring them. The sculptures are all part of an underwater sculpture park in Cancun Mexico and is called the Cancun underwater museum which was completed in 2013.

It was constructed with the hep of sculptor Jason Decaires Taylor. Some of the statues look creepy.

Undersea Park Of Horrors

Image Source: www.cancunscubadive.com

3 China’s Ancient Drowned City

Not Atlantis but a mysterious underwater discovery no less. This is the remains of an underwater city in China’s Quiandao Lake in Zhenjiang province. Named Lion City, it was built 1000 years ago but submerged in 1959 to make way for a hydel plant. The city stood atop the five lion mountain after which it got its name. Truly a waste of history.

chinas ancient drowned city

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

4 Sunken World War II Silver

In 2013, odyssey marine exploration and underwater exploration company discovered 61 tons of silver bars form the ocean floor. The silver was being carried by a cargo ship that was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland during World War II. Truly a fantastic haul of treasure that was worth $36 million.

Sunken World War II Silver

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5 These look like alien Locomotives

Locomotives from the 1850’s were found 30 years ago lying at the bottom of the ocean, No body had a clue how they got there. Perhaps they were being transported and the ship sank which could be the most plausible answer.

Locomotives from the 1850

Image Source: www.cdnimg.in

6 Japanese Yonaguni Monument

Yonaguni monument has been lying on the ocean floor of the coast of Japan for almost 5000 years. While some believe it is a natural phenomenon, others felt it was a man made stepped monoliths. They are one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions.

Japanese Yonaguni Monument

Image Source: www.tripatlas.com

7 Underwater Rivers

Underwater rivers exist all over the planet. These are formed when fresh and salty water mix together. Underwater rives also exist in deep sea cave systems and are home to many different species of fish and marine life some of which are not even known.

Underwater Rivers

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8 Sinkholes

Sinkholes are a major phenomenon in oceans and seas across the globe. A sinkhole is terrifying in reality and can be dangerous. However these fascinating natural phenomenon make the biggest tourist attractions just like the world’s largest sinkhole that was recently discovered in the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea and dubbed the dragon hole. It has broken the record of the earlier dean’s sinkhole 663 feet lying in the Bahamas.


Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


9 Deep Sea Spiders

Deep sea spiders are slowly being discovered in underwater cave systems and even in the depths of the sea. Some species have evolved to create air pockets on their webs which allow them to breathe underwater. So deep sea divers beware.

Deep Sea Spiders

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

10 Ancient Pirate City

Perhaps the most famous of undersea discoveries is the entire Pirate city of Port Royal lying buried in the sea floor of the Caribbean in southeast Jamaica. Founded in 1518 Home to Pirates who were granted a city of their own by the Governor Edward’D’ oyly in 1657, Port Royal was considered a den of vice and sin where wine and women flowed easily. Call it divine intervention or natural disaster, but a great tsunami and earthquake destroyed the city in 1692. Whatever remained was again submerged after a second earthquake struck in 1907.

Ancient Pirate City

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