10 Essential Advices To Deal With Rising Crime Against Children

Child safety remains to be one of the most challenging things in the hostile world such as this. Parents should be very careful about the independence of their children. Before giving independence to your child, it is very important that you take precautionary measures and train your child to deal with unwanted scenarios. Child safety is of paramount importance and you should make your child prepared to deal with ill-intentioned people. We have tried to come up with some ideas to get your child prepared for such kind of situations. There are illustrations to make your child able to deal with these situations.

1 Try to conceal your child’s name

It is highly advisable that you should not write your child’s name on his personal belongings. Avoid attaching a name fob on their backpack. Also, try to avoid writing child’s name on tiffin and thermos. This way child’s name is revealed easily. And, anyone with bad intentions can call your child by name. Calling out a name automatically builds a trust and there is a chance that your child may also trust unknown person after hearing the name.

Try to conceal your child’s name

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2 Train child to run in opposite direction of the chasing car

When it is a fact that we teach our child to not get into a car of a stranger, it is also important to train them to cope in a situation when a car starts chasing them. You should teach your child to go in opposite direction of the chasing car when they find that they are chasing them. This will give them time to seek help from others.

Train child to run in opposite direction

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