10 Of the Most Dangerous and Deadly Waters in the World

Lakes and water bodies on the planet make excellent spots for vacations but not all can be regarded so. There are several waters in the world that are so dangerous that you can only venture near them at your own risk. Although beautiful from a scenic point of view, many of these can be regarded as the world’s most dangerous waters and extremely perilous for tourists. Out of these many dangerous water bodies, here are ten of the most famous ones.


10 Great Blue Hole, Belize

From above, the great blue hole in Belize looks spectacular but don’t think of diving into it unless you’re a seasoned and professional diver. During tide, the hole can turn into a huge vortex that can draw in everything on the surface. Jacques Costeau defined it as the best diving place on earth.


Great Blue Hole, Belize

Image Source: www.masivaecologica.com


9 Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

Jacob’s Well in Texas USA was at one time frequented by many from the local population but it has proven too dangerous. There are signs surrounding the well that clearly spell out danger and death in no refined terms. The bottom of Jacob’s well has several entrances to a network of deep water caverns in which one can easily get lost.

Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

Image Source: www.zubia-gastronomiayturismo.es

8 Lake Michigan, USA

Who would have thought that Lake Michigan is actually as dangerous as the Bermuda Triangle? The worst aircraft in North America occurred over the lake and the reasons are still mysteriously unknown. The lake has claimed many lives due to its sudden formation of currents and is unsafe for children and vacationers.


Lake Michigan

Image Source: www.lakekleenerz.org


7 Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron is the most alkaline and saltiest lake on the planet. It remains covered with a salt crust and looks red most of the time. Water temperatures in the like reach 120 degrees F in various places. Such conditions make it totally unfit for life and just three types of fish survive in the lake.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Image Source: www.tripfreakz.com

6 Blue Hole, Dahab

An extremely dangerous place for diving, The Blue Hole in Dahab has claimed the lives of several divers who drowned in the 400-foot deep underwater cave. Although professional divers claim that expert divers can safely dive in the depths, still the main cause of death is nitrogen or insufficient air upon ascending.


Blue Hole, Dahab

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

5 Horseshoe Lake, USA

Horseshoe Lake in USA emits a lot of carbon dioxide from the fissures at the bottom and is deadly for just about anything. Besides claiming four people, the lake has also killed most of the trees in the surrounding areas.


Horseshoe Lake, USA

Image Source: www.wetellyouhow.com

4 Boiling Lake, Dominica

This mountain lake in Dominica has water temperatures that rise up to 198 degrees F because of regular hot spurts from the ground. Although there are no bubbles on the surface and no indication of heart, swimming is prohibited because boiling can start any second.

Boiling Lake, Dominica

Image Source: www.earthtripper.com

3 Rio Tinto, Portugal/Spain

The Rio Tinto River in Spain has been mined for its mineral content for the last 300 years. Rampant mining has lead to increased acidity levels as well as possessing a reddish hue because of the high content of iron present in the water. Recently, the river has attracted scientific interest because of the presence of bacteria that actually feeds on the minerals. NASA scientists have compared the extreme conditions of the water to similar conditions of water content on Mars.

Rio Tinto, Portugal/Spain

Image Source: www.orangesmile.com

2 Drake Passage

Strong currents, extremely poor visibility, high wind speeds and strong currents make it very difficult for ships passing through Drakes passage. The creepy fact about this location is that it is a watery grave and a ship cemetery where boats have capsized since Magellanic times. The discovery of the Panama Canal in the 20th century improved ship routes considerably around the world.

Drake Passage

Image Source: www.rh.gatech.edu

1 Lake Kivu

Although this may appear a peaceful lake, it possesses a deadly secret making it one of the world’s most dangerous waters. The Lake has layers of carbon dioxide and 55 billion cubic meters of methane at the bottom. A small earthquake in the area could potentially cause a massive and fatal explosion that could disintegrate 2 million people residing in the area.


Apart from these dangerous waters in the world. Always be informed about the ecosystem of any lake you chose to swim in as it could be infested with dangerous life forms such as hagfish, lampreys and leeches.

Lake Kivu

Image Source: www.primeugandasafaris.com


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