10 Of the Most Dangerous and Deadly Waters in the World

Lakes and water bodies on the planet make excellent spots for vacations but not all can be regarded so. There are several waters in the world that are so dangerous that you can only venture near them at your own risk. Although beautiful from a scenic point of view, many of these can be regarded as the world’s most dangerous waters and extremely perilous for tourists. Out of these many dangerous water bodies, here are ten of the most famous ones.

10 Great Blue Hole, Belize

From above, the great blue hole in Belize looks spectacular but don’t think of diving into it unless you’re a seasoned and professional diver. During tide, the hole can turn into a huge vortex that can draw in everything on the surface. Jacques Costeau defined it as the best diving place on earth.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Image Source: www.masivaecologica.com

9 Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

Jacob’s Well in Texas USA was at one time frequented by many from the local population but it has proven too dangerous. There are signs surrounding the well that clearly spell out danger and death in no refined terms. The bottom of Jacob’s well has several entrances to a network of deep water caverns in which one can easily get lost.

Jacob’s Well, Texas, USA

Image Source: www.zubia-gastronomiayturismo.es

8 Lake Michigan, USA

Who would have thought that Lake Michigan is actually as dangerous as the Bermuda Triangle? The worst aircraft in North America occurred over the lake and the reasons are still mysteriously unknown. The lake has claimed many lives due to its sudden formation of currents and is unsafe for children and vacationers.

Lake Michigan

Image Source: www.lakekleenerz.org

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