1 .1 Pound Baby Born So Tiny That Doctors Placed Her in a Sandwich Bag to Survive

Premature and caesarian, obviously you are going to get a little tiny baby who will require incubation but what happens when the baby is so tiny that drastic remedial measures have to be considered for her to survive. Pixie Griffiths-Grant and the name suits her literally was one such baby which had to be delivered at 28 week by caesarian section. Doctors then put the baby in a sandwich bag wrapping her in plastic to survive.


1An ordeal for baby and mom

The reason why Pixie needed to be delivered before her time was because she wasn’t feeding in the womb and thus wasn’t expected to survive. Immediately after delivery she was put in a 20p Tesco Freezer bag.

An ordeal for baby and mom

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2Premature babies contract hypothermia easily

Premature babies can easily contract hypothermia which is why Pixie Griffiths was placed in a Tesco  sandwich bag because it acted like a warming blanket to heat up her body. But! That wasn’t it for Pixie who went through a huge struggle that included of infections, surgery and blood transfusions just to survive and survive she did.

Premature babies contract hypothermia easily

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3She weighed just 1.1 pounds

Pixie is now 5 months old and is back home with her parents but not after a through scare for her mom who almost lost hope thinking that she would lose her little girl. Pixie was born weighing only 1.1 pounds. That is infinitely low and she was so tiny and frail that doctors had no other option but to resort to unconventional methods to keep her safe and warm.

She weighed just 1.1 pounds

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4Pixie stopped feeding in her mother’s womb

Sharon Grant, a florist from Cornwall UK was proudly expecting her first child. Unfortunately, at 20 months, Pixie had stopped growing in her womb because she wasn’t feeding from the placenta and umbilical cord. Grant was in an out of hospitals for almost eight weeks undergoing scan after scan to check if Pixie was growing but no such luck. Pixie had put on only 20 grams.

Pixie stopped feeding in her mother’s womb

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5They couldn’t deliver her till she was a suitable weight

‘It was so scary having to get her checked all the time and I had all the doctors telling me all this bad news. It was awful commented Grant who was almost devastated with the news. The doctors needed Pixie to get to a certain weight before they could deliver her and that was the scary part because she wasn’t showing signs of doing so.

They couldn’t deliver her till she was a suitable weight

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6Doctors just had to deliver her or she would have died

On May 11, just 28 weeks into the pregnancy, doctors informed Sharon that they had to deliver Pixie through a caesarian section. They couldn’t wait any longer or she may not survive. Sharon was rushed to the Derriford hospital in Plymouth UK, where she was made to wait a couple of hairs because her blood pressure had risen too high. To calm herself, she even listened to songs by her favorite singer Ben Howard to reduce it. At 3 pm on May 12. Pixie was delivered premature by three months. Her Father Edward Griffiths 41 was by his wife’s side.

Once doctors had delivered Pixie, they assumed that she wouldn’t last an hour. She was out into intensive care what were given instructions to do whatever it takes to keep the little girl warm. She was no bigger than Sharon’s hand.

Doctors just had to deliver her or she would have died

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7Doctors were scared they wouldn’t be able to find her

In an interview Sharon described ‘They thought they wouldn’t be able to find her in my body and would have to do two cuts to try and get her, but luckily they only had to do one. ‘The moment she was born they put her in a Tesco sandwich bag to keep her warm because she was so tiny and carried her off to intensive care.

Doctors were scared they wouldn’t be able to find her

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8She was placed in a sandwich bag

Doctors then had the idea of putting the baby into a sandwchich bag. They wrapped Pixie in plastic and placed her in the Tesco Sandwich bag after which she was rushed to NICU. The reason for putting her in the sandwich bag was because they didn’t have the equipment to keep such a tiny premature baby warm.

She was placed in a sandwich bag

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9Doctors claimed this wasn’t unusual

The method isn’t questionable because preterm babies are susceptible to illness, infection, disability and even death. The baby’s thin skin results in rapid water evaporation and by placing her in a plastic wrap or bag and then putting her in a blanket keeps them much warmer than just the blanket on its own. Doctors at the hospital claimed that the practice wasn’t unusual and was usually done for babies weighing less than 3 pounds.

The neonatology consultant said it was becoming standard treatment for babies to be placed in a bag before going under the heater of an incubator. The resulting greenhouse effect was the best way to maintain the temperature during the “Golden Hour”, the time which is most critical for a baby to survive. After that the baby is placed into an incubator

Doctors claimed this wasn’t unusual

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10Pixie spent three months in an incubator

Pixie was kept in an incubataor for three months.  Sharon and Edward were allowed to cuddle her after 18 days but only briefly because each time she was cuddled she lost weight. Over a course of three months pixie acquired a stomach infection, a urine infection and had 10 blood transfusions including a lumbar puncture.

It was an extremely emotional and traumatic time for Grant who said Pixie was lying hour by hour. ‘It was amazing that she survived, but it was truly traumatic,’ ‘She really did live hour by hour for about three weeks.

Pixie spent three months in an incubator

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11Pixie started recovery after 2.5 months

Pixie soon started regaining her strength after 2 and a half months. At 5 months, weighing 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs), the normal weight of a newborn, she was allowed to return home. Today Tiny little Pixie is breathing safely without oxygen. Grant described her first reaction ‘When we went in the front door Pixie came alive. She was looking all over the place and could see what was happening. It’s so lovely to have her home; there’s been endless cuddles and lots of people eager to see her.

Pixie started recovery after 2.5 months

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12Pixie is now well and healthy

She will always be known as the baby in a sandwich bag because though this was common method, Pixie was a rare case being so tiny and no bigger than a human hand. She is now well and healthy, bless her little soul.

Pixie is now well and healthy

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