1 .1 Pound Baby Born So Tiny and Dying That Doctors Placed Her in a Sandwich Bag to Survive

Premature and caesarian, obviously you are going to get a little tiny baby who will require incubation but what happens when the baby is so tiny that drastic remedial measures have to be considered for her to survive. Pixie Griffiths-Grant and the name suits her literally was one such baby which had to be delivered at 28 week by caesarian section. Doctors then put the baby in a sandwich bag wrapping her in plastic to survive.

1An ordeal for baby and mom

The reason why Pixie needed to be delivered before her time was because she wasn’t feeding in the womb and thus wasn’t expected to survive. Immediately after delivery she was put in a 20p Tesco Freezer bag.

An ordeal for baby and mom

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2Premature babies contract hypothermia easily

Premature babies can easily contract hypothermia which is why Pixie Griffiths was placed in a Tesco  sandwich bag because it acted like a warming blanket to heat up her body. But! That wasn’t it for Pixie who went through a huge struggle that included of infections, surgery and blood transfusions just to survive and survive she did.

Premature babies contract hypothermia easily

Image Source: www.godupdates.com

3She weighed just 1.1 pounds

Pixie is now 5 months old and is back home with her parents but not after a through scare for her mom who almost lost hope thinking that she would lose her little girl. Pixie was born weighing only 1.1 pounds. That is infinitely low and she was so tiny and frail that doctors had no other option but to resort to unconventional methods to keep her safe and warm.

She weighed just 1.1 pounds

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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