Zika virus Is Raging and is heading towards A Global Outbreak! Protect Yourself Now!

Zika is raging throughout South America. It won’t be long before the nasty virus spreads to other parts of the world too. Similar to most vector borne diseases, Zika is no exception, and there are high possibilities of a global outbreak where 20 cases have already been reported in the USA.


For those of you still unaware of Zika, it is a deadly virus spread by the Aedes aegyptii mosquito. Reaching the South Americas via the Caribbean, the virus has spread rapidly out of control with Brazil counting for more than a million cases alone. World health organization (WHO) has declared it a global public health emergency and projects four million cases by the end of this year.

Be warned! Zika is also linked to Microcephaly where Brazil has accounted for 4000 cases. This is the dreaded condition of children being born with unusually small heads. As Zika virus takes its rampaging toll of South America, it is extremely important that you be forewarned and forearmed against Zika. Adopt all of these protective measures to prevent the virus entering your home.


1 Avoid traveling to South America and the Caribbean

Although most reports on the net are being circulated on how to prevent Zika, NONE of them are actually citing the most obvious thing to do. Yes! Avoid traveling to South America till the virus subsides. Almost all the cases of Zika in the US are travel related. Why would you need to go there and invite chances of being infected?

Avoid traveling to South America and the Caribbean

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2 When indoors, use air-conditioned rooms or rooms with window screens

It’s all about keeping mosquitoes at bay. The main prevention against Zika virus is to avoid getting bitten. Air-conditioned rooms are closed and safe. Moreover start using window screens and nylon nets applied to your windows to keep out the nasty insects.

When indoors, use air-conditioned rooms or rooms with window screens

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3 Use a mosquito net while sleeping

The best way to protect yourself from mosquitoes at night is to use a mosquito net. You can also get customized portable nets for babies and children.

Use a mosquito net while sleeping

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4 Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, remove them

Check every nook and cranny of your home both indoors and the closest perimeter surrounding your house for stagnant pockets of water. Most indoor pockets of water can be removed. For larger pockets of water collecting outdoors, reduce them as much as possible and arrange a good pest control service to spray pesticide regularly in the area. Neighborhoods can easily form a collective action plan to initiate a joint effort for such a practice.

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes

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5 Use Insect repellants and creams

There are several quality insect repellents available in the market. Sprays and liquidators are the most convenient form of repellants. You can also use an effective mosquito spray once or twice a day. Repellent creams can also be used at night but always consult your doctor on what creams are advisable in terms of children and pregnancy.

Use Insect repellants and creams

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6 Zika virus spreading Mosquitoes usually bite during the day. Stay well protected with adequate clothing

The mosquito responsible for spreading Zika is the Aedes breed that causes deadly tropical viruses like chikungunya and dengue. The Aedes usually feed during the day. When venturing out at daytime, wear long sleeved shirts, trousers or jeans and socks too if possible. If you live in a mosquito prone area or traveling to one, then tuck your shirt in.

 Zika virus spreading Mosquitoes usually bite during the day

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7 Mosquitoes love dark colors, wear lighter clothing

Mosquitoes are always attracted to dark shades and colors. Always wear lighter colored clothing. Moreover, avoid the use of dark shades in upholstery, curtains, bed linen and blankets. One big piece of advice, never allow clothes to collect in one area. Neither should you allow items in your home to remain accumulated in one place for long periods of time. Keep your home neat and tidy Mosquitoes love dark crowded places.

Mosquitoes love dark colors

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8 Stop using scented skin care

Mosquitoes have excellent scent receptors. Scented skin care products may release odors from your skin too, making mosquitoes smell them from yards away. So be careful.

Stop using scented skin care

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9 Learn to recognize Zika symptoms in time

Remember, there is no vaccine available for Zika as yet. India, though has come out with a vaccine against Zika virus, but it is not available in the market as of yet as it is to be tested before it becomes available for usage. The only thing you can do till then is to avoid mosquitoes. Zika virus is spread when the Aedes mosquito bites someone infected with Zika and then passes on the typical symptoms of zika, which are conjunctivitis, rashes, fever, shivering, headaches and muscular pain. If you suffer from such symptoms, rush to your nearest medical center immediately.

Learn to recognize Zika symptoms in time

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India has made a vaccine against Zika virus. Check out the details here. The world finally has a Zika virus Vaccine – Made In India!


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