You should be alert if your kid does this activity frequently

Kids are vulnerable to many kinds of diseases and ailments, since they don’t exactly take care of their own hygiene properly and are known to play in some really gross places. Their bodies are constantly upgrading their immune system with antibodies against newer and newer pathogens and bacteria.

But sometimes, even simple activities can also make them incredibly sick or they can contract something very dangerous that could put their lives at harm. In this case, a very simple summer staple and birthday party activity turned out to be very painful for a boy as he developed severe sores all over his body and contracted a life threatening infection.

Here is the reason why he contracted that infection and got sores all over his body due to that simple activity.


1 Fun and air-filled Bounce houses

Bounce houses or bouncy castles are inflatable structures or buildings that are usually brought on rent for birthday parties or functions or schools activities for kids. There are many types of these inflatable structures; some that come in complete sets of obstacle courses, inflatable slides, games and many more types.

Bounce houses are unlimited source of fun for kids as they are pretty much safe in such houses, as they are enclosed for safety and are filled with air, so that when the kids jump and fall on the floor of the house/castle, they don’t get harmed in any case. But a 10-year-old kid’s fun time on one such bounce house turned into a ride of pain and an infection.

Fun and air-filled Bounce houses

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