You must ask your doctor to perform these 5 medical tests next time

Every one requires a regular medical screening once in a while, after crossing a certain age. These regular screenings and medical tests help in the detection of problems and diseases sooner than later which will help in treating and eradicating the disease before it does any major damage.

The need to get proper and regular tests increases when you cross the 50-year age mark and it gets even more important to be aware of one’s body and its functioning after the 60-year age mark. Though most of the times, regular medical tests like that of diabetes, blood pressure, heart condition and respiratory tests are done, there are some tests which are not done commonly until requested or needed.

Here are 5 such medical test that you need to ask your doctor to conduct next time you visit your doctor.

1 C reactive Protein

When people cross the 40-year mark, certain factors of health risk increases. These factors can be cholesterol, increase in waistline, heart diseases, and weight issues. Hence one should always get a C reactive protein or CRP test done during the medical visits.


This blood test checks for the presence of C reactive proteins which indicate inflammation inside the body. if the level of CRP is high, there are chances of a cardiac arrest in near future. Doctor can then recommend medicines or may also ask you to take proper precautions.

C reactive Protein

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2 Depression Screening

If you are constantly feeling down and fatigued, maybe you should ask your doctor to perform a depression screening on you.

The screening is nothing but a series of questions that you need to answer and on the basis of answers, doctors can detect whether you have lost interest in activities that you once loved as a result of depression or it’s just a random one-time thing.

If it is depression, then the doctor can prescribe medications and counselling to help you.

 Depression Screening

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