You might relate to these 10 thoughts that commonly occur during a panic attack

A panic attack is something that seems to have become quite a commonplace in the present day scenario. An increasing number of people are reporting such panic attacks which display varied signs physically. For people who suffer from this the very fact that such an attack might happen is itself a frightening thing. More often than not it is a line of thought that triggers an attack and brings about varied physical symptoms. For such people recognizing the onset and the many causes of such an attack is a very reassuring thing. Correctly being able to understand the mechanics might help to even alleviate bouts of panic attack. There are many visible signs and symptoms of a panic attack and knowing about them could help keeping it at bay. The attack basically emanates from the mind and projects itself in various physical forms and could lead to fatalities in extreme cases. You may go through these thoughts while you are under such an attack.

1 “Oh, my heart beats so fast”

When confronted by a fear the first sign is often an increase in heart palpitation that is typically characterized by a thumping heartbeat. Such is the fear that grips the mind that people conjure up a mental scenario and the heart just goes on thumping. People lose control and the fear just grips the very being of the person.

“Oh, my heart beats so fast”

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2 “I am mentally isolated”

When faced by such a panic attack, people often ask themselves why they can’t be normal like everyone around. There is an intense feeling of being mentally isolated and people feel overpowered by the imaginary fear.

“I am mentally isolated”

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