You may have been harming your body while sleeping

We have to do some things almost necessarily to keep ourselves fit and fresh and one of those things is sleep. Scientists have been able to find out that we sleep in order to give time to our body to regenerate cells and repair the wear and tear that our bodies go through the day.

Sleep is also required for our brain to get some rest and plan for the coming day. But sometimes inadvertently, during our sleep, we may also harm our bodies in ways we don’t know. During the sleep, when we wake up, the brain actually flushes itself of toxins and other things that happens during the period of unconsciousness.

Here are some reasons as to how you may be harming yourself in the process of sleeping and ways to fix it.


1 Sleep

Sleeping is an activity in which our body and brain goes into a state of temporary unconsciousness. This state is necessary for organs to get some rest and rejuvenate themselves. It also provides rest to the brain and gives time for the body to heal from all the wear and tear that happened to it during the day.

Sleeping also helps the brain in regenerating the cells of the body that have been used up and also retrieve the memory of happenings throughout the day. It then also reboots the whole system of the body during the sleep and gets some rest itself.


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