15 Yoga Poses to Change Your Body’s Outlook Completely

Yoga since centuries past has time and again proven its significance when it comes to improving your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health. Research dedicated to revealing the benefits of yoga has proven that yoga tends to help your body in developing fitness, flexibility, spinal mobility, and muscular strength. While yoga has a variety of different poses and positions, there are a select few that are more effective in terms of gaining results faster and which would be pretty simple to perform even for a beginner. You’ll be an expert in no time, and you can even start sharing your own poses, you’ll just have to create a user friendly network to share on. You could even look at bio.fm vs. linktree websites to see what’s suitable for you.


1Downward Facing Dog

This is one of the basic and highly effective poses in almost every type of yoga. It works out the entire body enabling one to gain strength in practically every muscle group.

How to do it:

  • On a yoga mat or on the ground get on all fours
  • Keep your palms on the ground/mat directly under your shoulders while keeping your knees under the hips
  • Tucking your toes under, begin straightening the legs by pressing your hands into the floor thereby getting into the downward dog position
  • Hold this position for approximately five breaths
  • If needed bend your knees slightly
Downward Facing Dog

Image Source: .sohucs.com



Aside from being a good abdominal and core workout the plank also works out several different muscle groups in your body. Once you learn how to control your breath in this position the plank becomes relatively easier and fun to perform. There are many variations of the plank to choose from, and thus you can choose which one you think would work best for you.

How to do it:

  • Keep your back straight and bring your shoulders directly over your elbows
  • If necessary lift your legs otherwise remain on your knees
  • Any which way you will need to maintain a straight line posture from the top of your head till your hips or feet

Image Source: kuffer.hu


3Upward Plank Pose

This pose can potentially improve your balance and your core, arms, and legs strength along with helping you stretch out your upper body.

How to do it:

  • Face forward and place your hands behind you
  • Raise your hip and keep one leg extended out
  • Follow up with the other leg while keeping the toes pressed to the floor
Upward Plank Pose

Image Source: ipstatp.com


4Extended Side Angle Pose

While this pose targets the sides of the waists pose stretches out the hamstrings, spine, chest, shoulders, and hips along with strengthening your legs. There are added health benefits too such as it relieves stress, opens up the lungs, and improves digestion.

How to do it:

  • Keep your feet at a one leg-length distance apart and extend your arms wide
  • Turn the right foot out forming 90° angle while rotating your hips towards your back and reaching your right hand forwards
  • Bend down and touch your ankle, shin, knee or even the floor with your right hand, and at the same time stretch out your left to the sky
  • Maintain a straight line from the left to right and repeat the same on the opposite side
Extended Side Angle Pose

Image Source: breakbird.com



This is a good practice pose for yoga beginners. It improves one’s balance and shows you how to control your breathing. It even tones and builds strength in your inner thighs, leg muscles, and ankles.

How to do it:

  • Begin with your feet together and then slowly raise your left knee up
  • Grab your knee and place the left foot on the inner upper thigh or inner lower calf, but never on the knee
  • Lift your hands overhead with your palms together and hold this position for 8-10 breaths and then change sides
Tree pose

Image Source: genial.guru


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