Wrap your teeth with aluminum foil and see the results. It’s Magical!

Teeth are extremely important for not only chewing good food, but also to instill self-confidence in people. If you have healthy and white colored teeth, then you wouldn’t shy away from smiling and will have more confidence.


Teeth are made up of calcium and with use and time; a layer of yellowish plaque accumulates on the teeth. Also if you have a habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, it might leave permanent stains on your teeth. People may point out the color of your teeth, when you talk or smile and it may leave a mark on your psyche.

There are many ways to clean teeth and make them as white as pearls again, but here we have for you, a different but very effective way to whiten your teeth. You have use just 2-4 ingredients and do everything in the comfort of your home. Read on to find out more.


1 Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is the process of removing stains and coloration from teeth and lightening the color of teeth to make them appear whiter. It is the top cosmetic procedure to be done by the dentists as it can improve the way your teeth look. Also it is not a onetime procedure and needs to be repeated after regular intervals in order to maintain the white color.

The outer layer of teeth is known as enamel and the color of our teeth depends on the color reflected by this enamel, combined with the color of dentin underneath the enamel. Teeth get stained over time with habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, drinking too much coffee, tea or wine and ignoring dental care.

Most of tooth whitening procedures have to be repeated and if done by professionals, they tend to be expensive. We have for you a homemade procedure that can be done easily with very few ingredients.

 Tooth Whitening

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2 Tooth whitening methods

Before we go onto the easy homemade tooth whitening trick, let’s take a look at the more sophisticated methods first. Most of the methods are pretty safe and though they require some repetitions to maintain the whiteness, they are effective.

You can use teeth whitening toothpaste, which cleans the surface of the teeth, using a gentle scrub on the teeth. You should look for ADA sealed teeth whitening toothpastes as these are very safe and have the special active ingredients and chemicals that help in keeping the teeth white.

Next comes in-office bleaching in which you will have to visit a dentist, who will apply a protective gel on your teeth or a mouth guard to protect the gums. Then bleach will be applied to the teeth and laser or special light will be used to enhance and activate the whitening agent in the bleach.

 Tooth whitening methods

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3 Aluminum foil and teeth whitening method

This easy method requires just some creativity and some really safe homemade ingredients with which you can have whiter teeth. This method of whitening your teeth not only saves a trip to the dentist (phew!!), but it also gives you a chance to test the natural and easy method to whiten your teeth. All it requires is some baking soda, some aluminum foil and your regular toothpaste.

 Aluminum foil and teeth whitening method

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4 Directions for usage

In order to get whiter teeth, all you need to do is mix the baking soda with your regular toothpaste in a small bowl and form a thick paste out of it. Now you take some aluminum foil and tear two strips out of it big enough to cover both your upper and lower jaw properly.

Now apply the baking soda and toothpaste mixture on your teeth liberally and properly. Now immediately cover your teeth with aluminum foil completely and seal it properly. Leave the teeth covered with foil for an hour or so. Then remove the foil and brush your teeth normally and wash your mouth with water.

Directions for usage

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You need to repeat this twice a week and you will see the results in due time.


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