Worst symptoms of calcium deficiency – Know your adequate dose

A naturally occurring mineral, calcium has many important roles to play within the human body. It not only builds cells but also strengthens our body muscles. Needless to say but calcium deficiency can be a cause of concern for any human being and can result in a number of ailments.


1 Calcium Deficiency

As calcium has a major role to play in creation of new cells, it plays an important role in maintaining health of teeth, muscles and bones. Calcium deficiency can occur if the recommended dose of calcium (1,000 to 1,300milligrams a day) is not being taken on a daily basis. This deficiency is likely to develop more prominently in women who have been through menopause as also in lactose intolerant people.

In typical cases of calcium deficiency, the body takes its dose of calcium from teeth and bones. This can in turn result in the bones getting extremely weak. With prominent development of deficiency of calcium, many other health related problems follow.

Calcium Deficiency

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2 Worst Symptoms of Deficiency of Calcium

Calcium deficiency has numerous symptoms and can cause critical consequences in many cases.


Lowering of Bone Density

Lowering of Bone Density is one of the most severe symptoms of deficiency of calcium. This can lead to fractures in bones in most of the cases. The bone density gets lowered as body uses this calcium for performing other vital tasks in human body.


Muscle Cramps

It is not as if deficiency of calcium develops suddenly. The body gives its sign in form of muscle cramps. These are an early sign that deficiency of calcium is likely to occur and happens in thigh and calf muscles.



Bruises too happen frequently and with much more severity when deficiency of calcium has set in. This happens since calcium usually helps blood to clot when any of the blood vessels gets broken. In a calcium deficient scenario, small capillaries which are under the skin bleed with much impunity.

Menstruation Problems


In women, deficiency of calcium can be seen with much prominence during menstruation. This lack of calcium promotes occurrence of cramps before and during the menstruation period. Due to lack of calcium the blood is unable to clot and this too results in much loss of blood.

Worst Symptoms of Deficiency of Calcium

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Memory Loss and Toothache

Memory loss is another severe symptom of deficiency of calcium. Calcium is usually considered to be responsible for formation of nerve cells and in its deficiency, the brain is not able to remember important information that it otherwise would have remembered with ease. Toothache too can occur due to deficiency of calcium. The tooth density gets lowered and the teeth become more susceptible to decay and loss.

Brittle Nails and Numbness


Deposition of calcium makes nails stronger. Nails are not on priority list of human body so as soon as deficiency of calcium occurs, the nails become brittle.

Deficiency of calcium in blood results in improper functioning of nervous system and results in numbness of body parts or tingling in them.

General Weakness

Fatigue and lethargy might set in, in case a person shows symptoms of calcium deficiency. In the absence of calcium, brain might experience some problem in normal functioning.


3 Adequate Dose of Calcium

Getting over deficiency of calcium is fairly easy and you need to include adequate dose of calcium in your daily diet. Children and teenagers from the age group of 9 until 18 require around 1,300 milligrams of calcium on a daily basis.

Adequate Dose of Calcium

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Those in the age group of 19 to 50 need around 1,000 milligrams of calcium on daily basis. You should take adequate dose of Vitamin D as this helps the body in absorption of calcium. Foods rich in calcium are cheese, milk, soy products and broccoli and they should ideally be taken on regular basis to tide over the problem of calcium deficiency.


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