Woman spends more than $76,000 on plastic surgeries to achieve the perfect body!

When the goals are bigger, the preparation and methods also become extreme. For example, someone looking to be an Olympic swimmer or a national level athlete puts in hours and hours of training, pushing their body to the last drop to sweat to achieve the larger than life goal. There are so many people who want to climb the Mount Everest and are putting in an effort equivalent to that to achieve their goal. These desires may sometime become our obsession and may come at unexpected costs. Something similar happened with this woman who has spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgeries to achieve a perfect body and become an embodiment of perfection!


1 The woman who spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery!

Fulvia Pellegrino has almost spent more than $76,000 on plastic surgeries in order to achieve a look that she deems as the perfect body. At the tender age of 15, Fulvia knew that he was a transgender but couldn’t come out to his family as he wouldn’t have been accepted by anyone. Fulvia will now be referred as ‘she’ henceforth in the article.

She was born in small village and it wouldn’t have been easy for her to live as a transgender. To add to this difficulty was her father as he was a clergy man and was certainly not soft to the topic. She tried fitting in as everyone else and as a boy. In fact she would play football, drink beer and go for shooting and do the usual drill to try and be as the boys but it did not last long.

The woman who spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery!

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2 Fulvia’s earlier life

Fulvia got married before she came out but sixteen years ago, she expressed her desire to transition and confessed to Marisa, her wife. Although quite shocked at the revelation at first, Marisa has been a constant support to Fulvia and they both still live together more as companions than married couple. Life hasn’t been kind to them as Fulvia continues to chase her dream of the perfect body. Fulvia and Marisa now live in a small town in Italy named, Peveragno but as outcasts.

Fulvia’s earlier life

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