Woman goes on a 12 day banana diet, the results are shocking!

This is Yulia Tarabeth and besides her is what she ate, for 12 whole days and nothing else- BANANAS.


Yulia is a vegan and a nutritionist, was suffering from digestion issues and some health problems. She decided to bring her knowledge of nutrition to her help and along with her husband Paul went on a 12 day banana diet to cleanse her body. Being a trained professional, she took every care in order to ensure that the diet didn’t do her and her husband any harm of any kind.

4 Bananas are the richest sources of energy providing nutrients

Bananas are known to be one of the healthiest fruits available in the nature. They contain high amounts of potassium and very low sodium components. This makes them perfectly safe for people who have diabetes, high sugar, along with heart and kidney diseases.

Bananas are the richest sources of energy providing nutrients

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3 The method is called mono-fruiting

Yulia decided to adopt a method called mono-fruiting, which essentially means to eat only one type of food for a specific amount of time in order to get rid of toxic materials accumulated in your body and it also helps in losing weight.


While it is not advised to eat only one type of food for all your meals, banana contains more calories than any other fruit and also has fructose, fiber and glucose. This gives that full stomach feeling for a long time, if all of these things are present in one food.

The method is called mono-fruiting

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2 The results of the Banana diet

Yulia ate bananas for 12 days at a time and having their own garden helped them prepare meals and control their intake easily. Yulia and Paul did this diet for 12 days and the results they got were astounding.

Yulia discovered that her digestion had improved and her intestines returned to smooth functioning. Before she did this banana experiment, she had high blood sugar, candida, and hormonal imbalance. All this disappeared as soon as the body detoxified with the fruit. She also gave birth to a child, despite trying to get pregnant for years, before this experiment.

The results of the Banana diet

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1 Precautions to be taken

Although Yulia Tarabeth got wonderful results from this banana diet, but she was a trained nutritionist and knew the pros and cons of her experiment. If you plan to go on a similar mono-fruiting diet, please consult with a trained medical professional and your doctor, because if someone has a preexisting condition like thyroid gland problems, the result of the experiment can be dangerous.

Precautions to be taken

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