Reasons why you should not extract your Wisdom Tooth

Don’t be surprised when late in life during your twenties you start teething again. Yes teething, because you will undoubtedly feel the same sensations of pain and nagging discomfort all because of your new wisdom teeth.


Wisdom tooth erupt in the extreme corner of our jaws and be happy at undergoing such an experience because if you don’t, your liable to get impacted teeth. In such cases dentists may advise an extraction. However, medical studies have now found that an extraction isn’t wise unless absolutely necessary as wisdom tooth influence your body and holds a lot of significance.

1 What exactly are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are third molars which can be either two or four erupting in the extreme corners of the oral cavity in the early twenties. Some people may also experience eruptions later in their thirties. Additional wisdom teeth, which are rare are called supernumerary teeth.


Your dentist will feel that wisdom teeth are useless and in the event of problems won’t hesitate to tell you to have it extracted, but hang on!! Always get a second opinion. Even though wisdom teeth tend to interfere with your gums and give you a hard time, still as long as it isn’t a problem, it should be allowed to remain. Even though at times you may feel mild discomfort, the symptoms subside.

wisdom teeth

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2 This is why you need your wisdom teeth

Did you know that your wisdom teeth have a connection with your small intestine and the pituitary gland? Even more amazing is this information that our cerebral cortex is connected to our mouth and face via 46% of motor and sensory nerves. This is the main reason why a tooth extraction causes discomfort in our entire system.

According to one of the founding fathers of modern medicine, William Osler, “the mouth is the mirror to the body”. According to Chinese medicine an important relationship exists between the teeth and acupuncture meridians, which are points on the body through which a person’s energy or chi flows and is connected with corresponding parts of the internal body. A problem in any meridian or point is reflected with a similar stress factor in corresponding teeth.
This is why teeth extraction affects the entire body.

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3 Facts about the Wisdom Teeth and the Effect of Extraction

According to research studies, wisdom teeth extraction can be harmful because of evidence as stated earlier of the connection of our teeth and parts of our body via the nervous system. This means the traumatic stress of extraction can relay to a corresponding organ and affect it in various ways. Even the heart is connected to teeth and that’s why, one of the most dangerous results of wisdom teeth extraction can be death. This is how wisdom teeth influence your body.

Statistics in such matters have attributed almost 57,000 to 175,000 people to such problems where they went numb from damage to the nerves. To state an example of such connections, your lower first molar corresponds to the stomach meridian. The right molar is connected to the pancreas. Your left molar can affect your spleen. Infection in teeth disturbs the flow of energy between such connections, resulting in disturbing the points of meridian or your corresponding organs.

Facts about the Wisdom Teeth

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4 Healthy Nutrition Results In Good Oral Health

According to Dr Weston Price, Your nutrition and diet can impact your oral health. This is why a stomach upset can sometimes lead to mouth ulcers. Healthy nutrition has a good influence on the jaw bones. As long as you observe a proper lifestyle and healthy diet, your jaw bones will be perfectly compatible for space to manage 32 teeth without problems.

In observing how wisdom teeth influence your body, Doctor Price also found that root canal work on teeth can significantly impact health of the corresponding organ which if already weak, would result in further problems. Take a look at this chart to find the corresponding connection between teeth and the rest of your body.

Healthy Nutrition Results In Good Oral Health

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