Why You Get Strawberry Legs and How to Get Rid Of It Faster

Do you suffer from the condition of strawberry legs? It can be an annoying problem no doubt but there are ways and means how to get rid of it. Those gooseflesh type black spots appearing on legs are a condition called strawberry legs. It can be quite embarrassing but surprisingly not painful or itchy although if that happens, you should see a doctor. The main symptoms of strawberry legs are open pores that appear dark in color, brown or black spots after shaving your legs or a pitted appearance on the legs resembling the surface of a strawberry.


1What causes strawberry legs?

When dead skin, oil and bacteria get trapped in enlarged pores or hair follicles, it can develop into strawberry legs after shaving. There are other conditions that cause strawberry legs such as folliculitis clogged pores, dry skin and keratosis pillars. There are several reasons and skin issues causing strawberry legs some of which may even overlap one another.

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When you shave in an incorrect way, sometimes against the growth of hair, using dull razors, bad shaving creams, this can cause strawberry legs. Razor burn can also cause strawberry legs which can again lead to folliculitis. Shaving can also lead to the condition of ingrown hair which can occur more frequently in those with thick body hair. Sometimes, the skin around the follicle can darken because of the irritation caused by shaving and slowly increases over time making the condition appear more prominent.

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3Clogged pores

There are thousands of pores ion the skin and these can without proper hygiene and neglect get clogged with bacteria, oil, dead skin and debris. The clogged pores called comedones soon darkens when the debris and dirt inside dries and gets exposed to air just like a blackhead. Larger pores can occur because of thick body hair and then the condition becomes more prominent.

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This is an inflammation of the hair follicle that can get infected. It can happen because of shaving, waxing or other hair removal techniques that can increase exposure of the hair follicle to bacteria, dirt, yeast or fungus. Using hot tubs without regulating pH and chemicals can also cause folliculitis. The condition first appears as red bumps and later turn into scabs that take long to heal. When ingrown hairs struggle to break through skin, it can then lead to strawberry legs.

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