The reason why women put cabbage leaves on their breasts will surprise you

For all women out there who have faced the experience of breast tenderness after feeding well here is some relief for you. There is a new natural remedy of cabbage leaves on breasts and it seems to be doing just great as per several women who have tried it.

This is a great natural remedy which eases pain and reduces swelling in breasts and the condition of breast engorgement caused by breastfeeding. Let’s find out how it works.

1 How to use the remedy

The remedy of cabbage leaves on breasts has even been proven by studies to the effect. You need to make the cabbage leaves cold before using them. Place a head of a green or red cabbage in your refrigerator. After it is chilled, remove the outer layer and discard it. Then pull off two large inner leaves and rinse them with cold water because this will clean the leaves of dirt and pesticide residue.

Now cut out the stem from the center of each leaf so that they fit perfectly without covering your nipple areas. Now place the cabbage leaves on your breasts but keep your nipples exposed. The leaves should cover the skin around them. You can either hold the cabbage leaves in place or you can wear a bra to do so. Leave the cabbage leaves on for 20 minutes and then remove.

Woman putting cabbage leaves on breasts

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