Why We Should Not Wait Until We Are Hungry For Food?

5Impact of starvation on the body

Starvation has severe effects on our body, in long run, it can ruin your mental health and at the same time, it can get you closer to chronic diseases. And if you feel hungry, you often feel unpleasant. Several symptoms accompany hunger. The biggest sign you can notice is the sleep issue you face over and again. Instead of sleep issues, hunger can be accompanied by signs such as stomach growling, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, weakness. Headache, abdominal pain, and irritability are other symptoms that accompany hunger.

Impact of starvation on the body

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6Do not wait until you are hungry for something to eat

Some people wait to eat until their hunger becomes so big that they eat anything. This can certainly be a bad plan. If you like this type of eating habit, it often results in overeating. When your blood sugar levels drop quite low, you tend to get any all food you get your hands on. This is less than ideal when you are trying to lose weight. For people who’re suffering from blood sugar issues such as diabetes, this excessive drop in blood sugar can be specifically dangerous.

Do not wait until you are hungry for something to eat

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7Knowing your hunger

Experts have recognized three different types of hunger: opportunistic, psychological, and physical. Psychological hunger is often led by emotions, and it could be a craving for something else instead of food. On the other hand, Physical hunger is the general desire to eat something when there is no food in your stomach. Psychological hunger may be a desire to feel pleasure or better, or it may be other strong feelings revealed as hunger.


To conclude, there is opportunistic hunger. It’s a different kind of hunger where you see food around and you eat it. This sort of hunger has nothing to with real hunger because the food is available around and you preferred it for no reason.

Knowing your hunger

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8What’s a perfect eating schedule?

There is always a big debate when it comes to knowing the most ideal eating schedule. Some people prefer six small meals a day and some three large meals. However, a fixed timetable can help many people avoid getting hungry. Making a timetable can help to decrease the risk of overeating. Also, it can be great to stay away from emotional binge eating. There are some studies which have confirmed that smaller but more regular meals can aid in losing weight.

What is a perfect eating schedule

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