Why We Should Not Wait Until We Are Hungry For Food?

Hunger is probably the best sign you should notice to make sure whether your metabolism is functioning well or not. Even though it’s natural, Hunger should not be the only sign that it is time to start a meal. It can be difficult for people to understand whether they should eat when their tummy let them know or they should establish a regular eating schedule for meals. However, we must support a healthy lifestyle and know why hunger can seriously jumble with our eating routines.


1Hunger does not help in losing weight

Some people think that starving is the best way to lose some weight, but it certainly is not. In reality, if your regular diet is leaving you hungry, you will not live with it for long. When you eat too few calories, it may trigger an alternative mode in your body, which can stimulate your body to store fat. In addition, you would only be able to burn fewer calories. Your body feels that it needs to protect itself and conserve calories for the future.

Hunger does not help in losing weight

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2It’s constantly difficult to recognize hunger

Two hormones in our body affect overall appetite regulation. Ghrelin hormone fuels appetite while the leptin hormone overturns it. If you have not eaten for a long time, the level of Ghrelin hormone will increase. On the other hand, the leptin hormone tells your body that you are done. The hunger indicator is not each time precise. Sometimes, people cannot hear what their body wants to tell them, especially after undergoing exhausting diets.

Then, your brain learns to moderate hunger according to your lifestyle. This is why people who dine once a day can do their everyday tasks without getting cravings. It does not make it normal to eat one meal per day.

Constantly difficult to recognize hunger

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3It’s hard for you to make healthy food choices

An intelligent Snickers commercial pointed out that, “You’re not when you’re hungry.” If you are hungry, you would not reach a more adequate snack because you’re more likely to find the said candy bar. When blood sugar levels are low, people become emotionally out of control with what they put in their mouths. To satisfy hunger, people eat whatever is next to them, and they eat unhealthy sugar snacks, of course. As a result, such diets do not help in achieving the right nutritious lifestyle.

Hard for you to make healthy food choices

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4Hunger can lead to overeating

Meanwhile, some people can’t recognize if their irregular hunger is leading them to overeat. Conversely, people who skip meals or have irregular meals often overeat to cover up the food they have missed. That’s nasty if you think again. Our body requires stable nutrition every 3-4 hours to stabilize energy, craving, metabolic slowdowns, and crankiness. When you stay without food for a while, it aids to drop blood sugar levels, which further results in your body seeking sugar in the food.

Hunger can lead to overeating

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