Why have Vitamin B12 shots become popular? Find out if you need one

Vitamin B12 is one of the most structurally complex vitamins in nature. It is mainly absorbed by our body in form of animals that we eat. It is also known as cobalamin and is one of the 8 water soluble vitamins.


It is mostly found in eggs, dairy products, fish and foods like cereals. If you visit your physician for regular checkups, you might know about the supplementary Vitamin B12 injections or Vitamin B12 injections mixed with various anti-oxidants. These injections are said to enhance your mood, boost energy and reduce fat in the body.

But do they really do the work as said or is it just another hoax? Read on to find out.


1 Importance of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is required for normal brain function and to keep the nervous system working to its optimal levels. It also helps in creation of blood cells. It’s most important role in our body is to enhance the metabolism of every cell in the body, synthesis of fatty acids and production of energy.

It also helps in production and upkeep of the myelin sheath or the protective covering over the nerves which insulates them from everything else and keeps them safe. It also keeps the bone marrow in the body healthy and sees to it that it is not harmed or damaged in anyway.


So going by all of this, Vitamin B12 is kind of a big deal when it comes to the functions of perhaps some of the most important and complex parts of our body.

Importance of Vitamin B12

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2 Symptoms of deficiency

The daily recommended intake of Vitamin B12 is set as 2-3 micrograms/mcg per day to 4-7 mcg per day. However we only get around 1.5 mcg per day, since the intrinsic factor of our body allows that amount to pass through. This leads to a deficiency of this vitamin in the body and some of the symptoms of deficiency are listed below.

Symptoms of deficiency

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  • Stomach or intestinal problems
  • Infections in body
  • Nerve Damage
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Feeling lack of energy
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Apathy
  • Vision problems
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Osteoporosis
  • If you feel any of the above symptoms, you need to consult your physician immediately.

3 Benefits of Vitamin B12 injections

One of the major reasons for opting for vitamin B12 injections is that it gives your mood and energy instant boost. If you are deficient of vitamin B12, you are guaranteed to feel a surge in your energy levels after taking the injection.

Other benefits of the B12 injections can be aiding in weight loss in people. People deficient in vitamin B12 find it difficult to lose weight and B12 injections give a helping hand to people who struggle with weight problems.
People fighting with depression can also receive help in the form of B12 injections, as they boost energy and this can change the mood of a person who is depressed due to many reasons. Vitamin B12 is recommended for people who battle with depression.


It also helps people who suffer from mental fog, poor concentration, co-ordination problems and memory loss. Intake of Vitamin B12 helps such people improve the brain function and get rid of such problems.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 injections

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4 Whether I should get a B-12 shot or not?

After reading about all the benefits of these injections, it sounds like a terrific idea to get one for yourself. But do you really require the vitamin B12 shot, is something important to consider.

People who are really deficient in the vitamin B12 department will benefit from the injections the most. People sometimes suffer from pernicious anemia, a condition where the intestines cannot extract vitamin B12 from the food that is eaten. Other ailments like celiac disease, pancreatic problems, and inflamed bowels may cause a person severe deficiency of vitamin B12 and such people can get it via the injections.


Women suffering from breast cancer can benefit from this injection. Women with breast cancer also tend to have low amounts of vitamin B12 in their blood and such injections can help them recover from the disease or keep it at bay completely.

Whether I should get a B-12 shot or not?

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Other people to benefit from vitamin B12 injections are people suffering from memory problems, aging, osteoporosis and other such ailments. But you need to take precautions if you are allergic to cobalt since the injection contains a synthetic form of vitamin B12 known as cyanocobalamin, whose main constituent is cobalt.


The best way to know whether you need to get the vitamin B12 shot or not is to visit your physician and get yourself checked out for the deficiency or for any of the above-mentioned ailments which can be caused due to the deficiency of this important vitamin.


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