Why do sometimes our joints click?

Our body is made of many parts that contain movable joints. These joints are made up of many movable parts that are held together by tendons and muscles which provide them the elasticity to move around. This helps us perform many functions like bending, walking, moving our fingers, walking, moving our head in different directions.


But sometimes these joints start to make noise out of a sudden. Once or twice can be ignored but if the noise produced is loud, you need to check if there is something wrong with the said joint. This joint can be anything from your shoulder to your knee or from your fingers to your elbow.

Sometimes these noises or clicks can be nothing but noise, but it can also be an indicator that your bone is getting damaged due to regular wear and tear. Or it can mean you have hurt your joint doing one thing or other.


Here are some reason why your bones can make those odd clicks and sounds.


1 Because of air bubbles or gases

There is a lubricant in your joints known as synovial fluid. This fluid contains gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

When you stretch the joint, in case of cracking your knuckles, these gases escape the joint and you get that popping sound which you love. This noise is nothing and harmless to your joints.

Because of air bubbles or gases

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2 Arthritis or worn cartilage

In arthritis, worn out cartilage causes bone on bone rubbing and friction is created which is painful. This causes a sound similar to a whip cracking.


Taking some omega 3 oils help in lubrication of the painful joint. It also helps in reducing the inflammation. Also be sure to increase the quantity of calcium and Vitamin B3 in your diet in order to build up bones and strengthen them.

Arthritis or worn cartilage

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3 Snapping hip syndrome

This condition happens in athletes and people who do weight training which makes their tendon extra thick. It is also known as the Dancer’s hip.

The snapping sound happens when the hip is stretched and flexed. It is accompanied with high pain. In order to relief the pain, ice the area which hurts and stay off that part in order for it to heal. The situation can also be caused due to friction between bones; hence including Omega 3 oils can cause reduction in the inflammation and lubrication of the said joint.

Snapping hip syndrome

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4 Tendon tear or Injury

Sometimes during normal functions of movement, tendons, joints and ligaments get out of position. This happens frequently if the joints are weak due to lack of exercise or over exercise.


The snapping noise that you hear is sometimes the ligaments and tendons putting themselves back in their place. Also sometimes the ligaments and tendons tighten due to movement in the joint, especially knees and ankles. That is the reason you should stretch before exercising in order to loosen your ligaments and tendons.

Most of the times these sounds of clicking, pooping snapping you hear while stretching or moving around are nothing to worry about. These usually stem from lack of exercise or remaining in a position for a long time, during which the tendons and ligaments gets tight. Drink enough water to keep these joints and ligaments moist and don’t forget to stretch before doing any physical activity.

Tendon tear or Injury

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