Why bathing with cold water and drinking warm water is good for you!

Cold showers are almost like a dare to everyone, but science and Ayurveda suggest that a cold water bath and warm drinking water can take you to the positive side of life. The astonishing fact is that it can truly revive your life as well as internal health.


70% of our body contains water and it is compulsory to take at least 8 glasses of water a day. In addition to it, water also maintains the external hygiene of the body.

Somehow, one can manage to get a routine with lukewarm water, but even hearing of the cold water bath can bring goosebumps. Well, it is quite tough to follow. However, the fact that following this routine can solve many problems of your life, can motivate you to some level. So, let us take a look at why you must drink warm water and bathe with only cold water.


1 Cold Water Bath

Improves the Blood Circulation

Some people think that getting a cold water bath can make them sick, but it is actually a myth that is being followed since ages. Cold water does not cause illness; on the other hand, it increases the blood circulation of the body. When the body comes in contact with cold water, the blood starts flowing to every organ to maintain the warmth of the body and even those areas receive blood that are deprived of it. This ultimately leads to a proper functioning of every organ of the body.

Cold Water Bath

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2 Healthy Hair and Skin

Warm water is pleasing to the mind, but not to the skin and hair. Hair and skin are not meant to tolerate warm water, but most of the time, they are forced into it. The result will be nothing less than flaked skin and frizzy hair.


Taking a cold shower will tighten the pores of the skin so that it doesn’t get affected by the dirt of the surrounding. The same goes with the hair cuticles, the more it is closed, the lesser it will come in contact with dirt. This will save thousands of skin and hair problems. So, the next time you go for a face wash, avoid using the warm water.

Healthy Hair and Skin

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3 Better Breathing and Alertness

The groggy feeling after stepping out of the bed is a normal start of the morning, but staying like that for the whole day is quite annoying. So, rush for a cold shower. A cold shower is just like a shock that forces the body organs to make a quick response. Due to the cold water, the breathing, pulse rate, and heartbeat speed ups and there you are out of your laziness.

Better Breathing and Alertness

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4 Lesser Mood Swings

Cold water bath is like a push of the day. It will stimulate the noradrenaline secretion in the brain. The lesser is the production of noradrenaline in the body, the more you are prone to mood swings. These excessive mood swings can also lead to severe depression and anxiety. To avoid such situation, the secretion of noradrenaline is necessary, and cold shower is the best method to achieve it.

Lesser Mood Swings

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5 Why to Drink Warm Water?

Shed Weight

Want to shed those extra pounds? Warm water is a quick and easy way to achieve it. A glass of warm water in the morning will increase the temperature of the body, and this will give rise to metabolism. For better effects, it is recommended to drink water with lemon. This will control the body fat, food craving, and will speed up the functioning of kidney and various other tracts. Some people also go for a glass of lukewarm water before every meal.

Why to Drink Warm Water

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6 Curbs the Signs of Aging

Ladies, this is for you; the miraculous benefits of lukewarm water also include a control on signs of aging. Signs of aging are much more than a nightmare for a woman. Have you ever given a thought what causes the premature aging? The toxins of the body are solely responsible for this nightmare.

A glass of water in the morning detoxifies the body, along with repairing the cells. Altogether, the elasticity of the skin will be increased and the face will remain young forever.

Curbs the Signs of Aging

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7 Meaningful Digestion

Fat intake is must for the body, but the problem occurs in its digestion. Cold water is preferred to quench the thirst, but actually, it is making a fat deposit in the body. Whereas, the warm water will help in the breakdown of the fat. Cold water makes the fat harder to digest and chilled water will strip the natural containing mineral. You are wise enough to choose the best one!

Meaningful Digestion

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8 Acne and Pimple

When pimples attack our face, almost everything is tried – starting from the lemon juice to that of high-end medication, but no one figures out the actual problem. Pimples are nothing more than body toxins and when it is about toxins, warm water is the only solution to detoxify the body. Not only detoxifying, warm water intake is a complete solution to many other problems like hair fall, lazy mornings, quirky menstrual cramps, and the list is never ending.

Acne and Pimple

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With so much of a benefit in just a few minutes, why are you still holding back? Make a move, get under the cold shower and follow the day with a glass of lukewarm water ( and lemon). Within one week, you will see a positively surprising change in your lifestyle.


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