Why are low fat and low carb diets not such good options for successfully losing weight in the long run?

With the onset of the New Year, millions of people across the globe will get set to shed those excess pounds gained in all those year-end festivities and parties. Very soon you will be able to see the explosion of television and radio ads about workout and diet dedication, discounter gym commercials and those daily weight loss articles on Facebook. But, what to follow and what not to follow? Simply which way should we go? Over the years, we have seen a war between two of the most popular diets- low fat diet and low carb diet. Well, recently, researchers, went ahead to explain diet effectiveness between these two major diets and the shocking truth that was revealed is that it doesn’t matters much whichever diet you follow.


1 The analysis

An analysis of 53 studies conducted by reputed researchers Dr. Robert Atkins and Dr. Dean Ornish compared the amount of weight that people lost after one year or more after resorting to various forms of diet.

Generally, participants of the study on low-fat diet got less than 30% and sometimes only 10% of calories from fat. On the other hand, those on low carb and high-fat diet got at least 30% and sometimes more than 60% of calories from fat and less than 10% calories from carbs.


Now, the question is, of all the diets, which one emerged as the lightweight champion?

The analysis

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2 The answer is- NONE!

There is no difference between high fat and low fat diets

The truth shown in the study is that there is actually no difference between high fat and low fat diets when it comes to losing weight. Yes, the low fat diet fares slightly better than the low carb diets as it was seen that people had lost about 2.5 pounds more after at least a year they started off with the diet. But as the difference was small, researchers are of the view that it would not lead to any significant health benefits.

The answer is- NONE

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3 Not helpful for obesity

According toDr. Deirdre Tobias, epidemiologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, high vs. Low fat diet would help in the identification of the optimal diet but it is evident that merely focusing on the amount of fat in your diet is not at all going to help in addressing the obesity epidemic. Tobias is the lead author of the study, which was published this week in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal.


Tobias further added that adhering for longer term is the sure-shot thing that drives weight loss. So, it is essential to identify all those health foods that you enjoy and make out which patterns you can stick to without fail on a daily basis or weekly basis. This method is going to give you the best weight loss results.

Not helpful for obesity

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4 Low fat v/s low carb diet

Kevin D. Hall,a senior investigator at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, was also involved in the study and concluded that it was not so that low fat diets are pretty bad when compared to other diets; in fact according to him all diets are bad. No diet was seen to do particularly well and after a period of one year they all fared pretty abysmal.

Low fat v/s low carb diet

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5 People are cutting calories but are far from eating healthy

A survey of the past decade has shown that people are cutting calories in their diet but they are far from eating healthy. The median amount of weight lost for all the diets after a year or more was just about 8.5 pounds. The poor result is probably because many people fall off the wagon with dieting after about six or eight months as revealed through the study.

A major fact is that low carb diets might be easier to follow in the short run. With a majority of people slipping off from the diet it is similarly as effective as low fat diets. With such findings taking a frustrating turn, we must see that there is still hope left. This is because there have been a few people out there who have achieved significant long term weight loss through dieting.


Thus, the answer solely rests on individual choice. It is totally upto you that which diet makes you feel full and is easy for you to incorporate in your lifestyle. And remember, exercising is of utmost importance if you love your goal of losing weight and want to reach to that goal.

People are cutting calories but are far from eating healthy

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