Why Americans are facing obesity problems

Although the awareness about epidemic obesity already subsists, its excessiveness is not appreciated for humans. Considering America, the current rate of obesity is >20% and many states has reached the obesity rate >30%. This drastic trend is evading happy moments from the country by welcoming the series of diseases to humans. This is the moment to explore the inducement behind why Americans are facing Obesity issues as the trend is displaying no signs of dampening, exhibiting the signs of proceeding only.

1 An Urgent Warning Call for Americans

A prestige Cardiologist, Arthur Agatston, designated the precious time of his life in assisting Americans regarding how to improve their health that is free from obesity. Analysing the rising trends in America, he raised warning in his book “The South Beach Wake-up Call” that unfortunately we are elevating the kind of generation who will live-up having shorter life spans as compared to their parents. This warning generated an urgent call to ponder on taking a competent action. Arthur has developed his entire book on proposing absolute solutions to why Americans are getting fatter and ultimately sicker than any other nation around the world.

An Urgent Warning Call for Americans

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