WHO report says that bacon and ham are as dangerous as cigarettes in causing cancer


It is a well-known fact that processed foods cause cancer. Now the global health experts are warning that bacon, ham and sausages are also as big threats in causing cancer as cigarettes and other things.

The fact is also highly likely to be confirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which is going to list processed meat amongst the most cancer causing substances with seriously harmful things like asbestos and arsenic.

Along with these processed meats, red meat is also going to make it to the list of cancer causing foods although at a much lesser danger level.


1 Bacon, Sausage and Ham

The WHO will soon publish a report that lists a number of foods that cause cancer and also about the dangers of eating processed food. The most surprising food on the list is everyone’s bacon, sausage and ham, something that is found in everyone’s home and is like a staple food of many countries.

One possible reason for putting these crowd favorite foods is that the composite material used to give the red meat its colour, may harm the lining of the bowel, causing bowel cancer. In addition to that, the processes like smoking, curing and salting that are done to preserve the meat have preservatives added to them. The result from all this mixture may be harmful and can contain cancer causing carcinogens.

Bacon, Sausage and Ham

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2 The WHO report

The WHO will present their report on dangers of eating processed meats.


The report is likely to list processed meat as a carcinogenic substance. Along with processed meats, fresh red meat is also expected to make it to the list as being bad for health. The classifications are done by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, and are thought to regard processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans”. This gives processed meat the highest of five known rankings, placing it along substances like alcohol, asbestos, arsenic and cigarettes.

The WHO report

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