WHO Declares Not Just A Second Wave, But A Second Peak Of The Coronavirus Is Imminent

By the end of the week, the figures of COVID 19 will have crossed the 5.5 million mark as countries are again reporting spikes in new cases of the disease. Brazil reported an astonishing 15,813 new cases on the 26th May while countries like Russia and India were reporting fresh cases to the tune of more than 7000 a day. The USA saw a huge figure of 26,158 cases on the 26th which means there are no signs of the virus slowing down despite a slight decrease in the last few days. The total number of fatalities have now increased to 349,190 globally and rather than hope, the World Health Organization echoes the opinions of experts warning not just a second wave by second peak of the disease is imminent.


1WHO executive director warns of imminent second wave

Even as the US has suspended entry for all those who have been to Brazil in the last 25 days, The WHO in a news briefing on Monday told reporters to expect a second wave that will be more of a second peak instead. The briefing that was delivered by WHO’s Executive Director of Health Emergencies Programme, Dr. Mike Ryan said that we are right in the middle of the first wave, globally. We’re still very much in a phase where the disease is actually on the way up.”

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2The second wave could come during flu season that will make things complicated

Dr. Ryan said that nations need to be careful that the disease may spike anytime and there should be no assumptions that any reported decreases in the number of cases should be viewed as a decline in the disease itself which is going to keep going down. He warned that the second wave could come during the influenza season and that is going to make things extremely complicated where controlling the disease is concerned.

Coronavirus wave second  wave

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3Countries need to be prepared and ready

Maria Van Kerkhove, an infectious disease epidemiologist working with the World Health Organization said “all countries need to remain on high alert here. All countries need to be ready to rapidly detect cases, even countries that have had success in suppression. Even countries that have seen a decline in cases must remain ready.” Van Kerkhove also said that given the right circumstances or opportunity, the virus will easily start a new outbreak.

She also said that the coronavirus had the main ability to increase in the right settings and cause transmission leading to super spreading events. Given the slightest chance, the virus will easily transmit.

Countries need to be prepared and ready

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