When Is It Safe to Socialize Again Since I’m Vaccinated?

Is it alright to start socializing again after getting fully vaccinated? According to experts, there are several things you need to consider before moving around in public once again. The pandemic is still not over yet and there is a rising threat of a second wave of the deadly virus.


What do the experts say?

As per experts, two people who have been vaccinated can spend time together indoors. However, there are still several factors that need to be addressed. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines each take 2 weeks after the second dose to start working and protect you completely from contracting the virus. But, other vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson takes around 4 weeks. So, it depends on the vaccine shot you received along with other factors. Even after getting vaccinated you still need to wear a mask and practice social distancing in public.

What do the experts say

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What activities can be considered safe?

As people around the world get vaccinated more and more every day, questions like what activities are safe and which aren’t safe have begun to arise. For example, if you and your friend have both received the vaccine, is it alright to spend time together indoors without wearing a mask?

In response to this the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently announced the first set of public health recommendations for those who have been fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, experts still say that there are several factors to weigh regarding safety during this pandemic.

What activities can be considered safe

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How long does it take for the vaccine to take effect?

Before attending parties, events, or even planning a get-together, you need to make sure that you have been fully vaccinated. You also need to wait till the vaccine reaches its maximum so that you are fully protected.


Dr Krystina Woods, hospital epidemiologist and medical director of infection prevention at Mount Sinai West in New York City said “For the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, you need to be at least 2 weeks out from the second dose. At that point, you’ve reached what we believe from the studies is the maximum efficacy. And you’ll want to make sure that whoever you’re meeting with is in the same boat.”

However, if you get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine which only received emergency approval by the Food & Drug Association (FDA) back in February, you will only require one dose of it.

How long does it take for the vaccine to take effect

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When is a person considered as fully vaccinated?

The CDC considers only those people who have waited for 2 weeks or more after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as fully vaccinated. However, Dr. Woods still recommends that they wait a bit longer before spending time with friends indoors without wearing masks.


Dr. Woods says “There is some immunity that starts to develop 2 weeks after the dose, but you really want to wait 4 weeks because that’s when it is most protective”.

When is a person considered as fully vaccinated

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