What to do when you feel you are going to catch a cold?

Winter is the favorite time of the year for most of us. From flaunting our favorite jackets and sweaters to enjoying a mug of hot coffee, from the snowfall to the bonfires, we simply love everything about it. However, with the last quarter of the year comes the fear of falling sick and it is known that an average adult does fall prey to the common cold at least once during the winters. There can be days when you may wake up with a cloudy head or a tickling throat and you dread that you are definitely down with something and are definitely going to catch a cold. But, you don’t need to surrender to the cold blues anymore; here’s a guide to help you stop a cold when it is on its way to take hold of you.


1 Stay hydrated

Make sure to sip in lots of fluids if you feel you are going to catch a cold. Increase your intake of water and fruit juices to keep you fit and healthy which is a must to beat the cold while it is on its way. Increased fluid intake aids in reducing symptoms such as stuffy nose and sore throat.

Stay hydrated

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2 Gargle with salt water

If you are having a scratchy throat then start the age old therapy of the salt water gargles. A pinch of common salt diluted in a glass of lukewarm water helps to draw out the excess water in the tissues of your throat, reduces inflammation and clears irritants and mucous. Gargling two to three times a day also helps to flush out the virus or bacteria that might be responsible for the cold.

Gargle with salt water

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3 Take a hot shower

If you wake up feeling dreadful then don’t think that skipping your bath will do you any good. Instead, it is advised to go for a steaming hot shower that will help a great deal in soothing throbbing limbs and clearing bunged up sinuses.

Take a hot shower

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4 Have a glass of warm milk with turmeric

Mix a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and enjoy it as a tasty and healthy drink that is known to cure symptoms of cold since centuries. Turmeric contains anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and when consumed with milk, it tends to combat the cold causing bacteria and soothe down any inflammation in the throat.

Have a glass of warm milk with turmeric

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5 Eat porridge with berries

If you want to gain success in the road to recovery then a healthy diet is a must. Kick-start your day with a yummy bowl of warm porridge mixed with berries that are known to be loaded with antioxidants. It is surely going to help you knock the cold out of you.

Eat porridge with berries

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6 Keep your nose clean

This is very important as it is never a good idea to let the virus accumulate in your nose. Use a saline nasal spray to clean your nose as soon as you experience the initial symptoms of cold.

Keep your nose clean

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7 Steam your face

One of the nastiest symptoms of cold is streaming nose or even worse than that a totally bunged up nose causing throbbing headache. Take some over-the-counter medicines to deal with this and steaming your face can be an excellent add-on remedy to clear your sinus. Put your head over a steaming bowl of hot water for about 5 minutes as this will help you soothe and clear the airways.

Steam your face

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8 Lunch on Chicken Caesar Salad

A diet rich in protein is a must to combat any kind of cough and cold. Protein helps to strengthen the immune system and so you can munch on tasty Chicken Caesar Salad during lunchtime.

Lunch on Chicken Caesar Salad

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9 Drink herbal teas

Hot liquids help to thin and clear the mucous and what can be better than herbal teas. Plus they also strengthen the immune system.

Drink herbal teas

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10 Increase your intake of vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial for boosting the immune system and so you can gorge on oranges and lemons and their juices to speed up your recovery.

Increase your intake of vitamin C

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11 Eat a curry

It is best to turn up the heat at dinnertime by eating a spicy curry packed with ginger, garlic and chilli peppers as they contain anti bacterial and anti viral properties.

Try following these tips if you feel you are going to catch a cold and take charge of your system and your body. If you are healthy you can enjoy the winter season to the fullest and have fun with everybody around. Don’t let the cold blues bog you down! Stay healthy! Stay Happy!

Eat a curry

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